Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday is Here AGAIN!!! Lettuce Planted!!

Today is supposed to be the 'calm before the storm' day. So I am going to go out and check out my yard, after getting all that snow / moisture. It is blowing, and it looks like maybe it is a southern wind, which for us should be a warmer wind. I hope so. It is about 53 degrees F, and so I hope it is warm enough for me to get the kids to help with some of the things I need done outside.

Here is our new Lettuce 'Salad' planter:

OK, I went out and Pilot and I took a dishpan that we had in our garage that needed a new purpose and created a lettuce planter out of it.

  1. First we made sure it was clean.
  2. Then we need to make holes in the bottom of the tub for drainage.
  3. Then we needed to fill it with compost and perlite.
  4. Next plant the seeds.
  5. Then sit it safely on some bricks.
  6. I decided not to water as we should be having some rain and snow later today. They should do a great job of watering the lettuce seeds in.
  7. Now when the weather gets warmer, I think I will make a table to put in the front corner of my house near the garage where it should get enough early sun and then be shaded during the hottest part of the day. I hope that helps in keeping the salad growing.

This is how we made the holes in the plastic tub or not:

First method: I grabbed the new matches I bought. Which brings me to an 'ahhh haaa' moment.

I was at Wal-mart the other day and I walked by the matches. I looked at them and thought, I should get some more. I have plenty in storage for emergencies, but I only have one large box in my kitchen for the firepit and Dutch Ovens. So I impulsively stuck them in my basket. I did not know if we were getting low or not.

Now today I am outside and see the box of matches from my kitchen on the grass in the back yard! What the blazes are they doing there? If it was from the weed burning we (The Boys did that is, I was going out Visiting Teaching and couldn't play in the fire. So sad for me!) did in our firepit a couple of weeks ago, that means they have been out there in the snow for two weeks!

So I believe that I was being directed by my Heavenly Father to have my kitchen stocked with the matches that we would need in case of a blackout or emergency. Not a coincidence, definitely direction.

Back to the way we put the holes in the Dishpan:

I built a matchstick fire to heat a nail. I knew I had plenty of matches and could expend a few in a little fun. That was before I went in the backyard and had my 'ahhh haaa' moment! Building this fire was more for fun than anything.
I took a dirt filled planter and built a teepee firewood starter out of matches. Then we lit it, it was really breezy and it took 3 matches to get it started. (Where was my camera?)
Well we had fun, I am a bit of a fire bug and it was a controlled environment. Anyway, Pilot said, "mom this isn't going to work." He is getting smart in his old age of 13. I replied, "what do you think we should do?" He said, "hang on, I'll show you." And away he went.

Pilot came back with his Pocket Torch. He and his dad have one. They are not to carry them around and Pilot has to be supervised when he uses his. So he says, "this will do the job." He turned it on the the wind was a bit too breezy in front of the house. So he said, "I'm going out back."
He took everything and went out back. I went after a couple of minutes and he had two sides done already. He heated the nail four times and did at least a dozen holes per heating. He did more holes than I was going for, but it will be fine, maybe even best for this planter.

We easily could have got the drill out and done this quicker, maybe. But we had fun. Don't get me wrong, I love power tools too. But I guess I love fire more!!!

So with the holes in, I was going to put in some gravel, but it was nearly 3pm and I was getting a bit tired. So for this tub, we just loaded it with compost and perlite. Then we mixed it good. Then I sprinkles all the lettuce seeds I had from one little packet, which was old and so I don't know what the germination will be, and covered up the seeds. I am not worried about oversowing, because there were not that many seeds in the packet.

Now like I mentioned about, I am going to see if the weather will water it in. If it doesn't I will do it later.

So finally one tub done!! Finally I have planted a cool crop, one tub is better than no tub. This is exciting for me!!! I have plans for more tubs and lots of veggies this year. So I hope I can get it done.

Added: 3-29-09 Sunday
We had a windy cold front come through this morning. However, it only dropped about a 1/2 inch of snow and very little rain on us. I will check my tub in the morning and see how wet it is and add to it if I need to. This week is supposed to be wet off and on. So we will see how it goes.

Added Monday morning 3-30-09
Update to The Lettuce Planting Post:

This morning we had about an inch more of snow that will melt down and give a bit more water to my lettuce tub. I can not wait to get the others planted. It is a good thing that I don't have all my seeds yet, because I would want to plant them all right now instead of staggering them.

It is too wet for me to go out and check to see if they have enough water. But then I really do not like the wet snow and I believe that the tub will be fine until it begins to warm up again. Then I will keep my eye on it.

I believe I will try to sift or screen my compost. The remaining compost has quite a bit of bigger twigs and stuff in it. I think it would be good to put it back in a compost area and let it go another year. So now I need to make a compost area. We have not made a permanent one here in our new (2 year old) home. So it is well time to have a boxed in area and not just a pile.

I do have a lot to do when the weather finally gets warmer and settled in for spring.

Updated April 3, 2009

It rained all night and so I am sure my lettuce is doing fine, water wise. It is draining fine. I hope to see some babies any day now.

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  1. A blogging friend of mine - Ann Kroeker has Food on Friday that would be a great place for you to link this to.

    I love the firebug story - how funny. I'm afraid of things getting out of hand, so I don't use fire much - but I have to admit, I did like my gas stove! I used fire a lot more when I had an instant source.