Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nothing Much Has Been Happening, Except

Nothing Much Has Been Happening, Except the normal stuff around a house of two children, a mom and a dad.

I guess the only interesting thing might be that we cooked a turkey and a crockpot full of chicken breasts, between yesterday and today. The chicken breasts have made Green Enchiladas and Chicken Tacos, last night and tonight.

The turkey was baked today and the white meat is now in the freezer. I still have to 'de-meat' the dark meat from the legs and thighs. I have a bit of wing meat to also remove. I just became too tired and sick of meat to finish the job tonight.

I went to bed about 10pm and as I was trying to sleep, a delicious smell began to invade my room. My tummy started to growl and say- feed me, feed me..... But I knew I was not hungry, or should be hungry.

I could smell the broth being created in the crockpot from the leftover bits of meat and turkey bones. I stuck the neck and other treasures from the turkey in there also and boy does it smell good. Then I remembered that I had not dealt with the turkey drippings on the baking sheet from roasting the bird. (I left it hiding in the oven. Obviously an 'outta sight / outta mind' thing happening here.)

So I am now downstairs. I just finished scraping the pan's drippings into the crockpot and burnt my tongue trying to taste it! I always end up burning my tongue trying to taste delicious broth. I know I will never learn because this has been going on for years and years.

I also used aluminum foil over my cookie sheet for clean up sake. I will let you know in a few years if using foil has damaged my brain, but if you don't hear from me, it might be I forgot to let you know.

I also cleaned the rack the turkey sat on. Now that cleanup is all done and I don't have to deal with it tomorrow. Hurray!!!!! I am so glad I remembered, it would have been a downer to have to deal with the mess in the morning.

So I guess now that this is written and I have finished sucking on ice cubes, I will head back upstairs to bed. My tongue feels great while I have an ice cube in my mouth, but when it melts away, my tongue begins to hurt. Silly me!!! I'll have to grab one more ice cube on my way upstairs.



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