Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Snowy Monday

Boy did it storm yesterday! We had a lot of snow blow through our subdivision. It actually snowed hard and steady for about 6 hours. However, we only had about 2-3 inches of actual accumulation because it was extremely windy. The weatherman said that we had gusts of 100 mph, I believe we had some of those gusts down here in Saratoga Springs.

Our new house is in a wind path and we always get really gusty winds, something I am not used to. I like it for the most part, but it gets a little nerve racking at times. It feels as though the house could actually lift off and go flying. After a wind storm, we have to go around and retrieve things like the cat food and water dishes, our hose box, pick up the garbage can.

Sometimes the garbage can only gets blown over, but other times it is blown down the street. That is when the can is out for pickup. We have not had trouble yet, KNOCK ON WOOD, with having to pick up strewn garbage. We have used a bungee cord on the can that will keep the lid down but when the truck lifts it up the cord releases. So far our system has worked. I really hate to chase down garbage.

We usually have to gather up boxes, plastic bags and garbage from the construction dumpsters. Anyway, it was really windy and blizzardy yesterday. Today is very nice, a balmy 28 degrees and sunny for a while anyway. We are supposed to get another windy nasty storm tonight.

Our power went out yesterday for about 90 minutes. Not too bad, the house kept the heat in and we were never uncomfortable. There were some power lines that were down about a quarter of a mile from our place. The power company had to replace a pole, but we don't know if a vehicle slid off the road and crashed into the pole or if the horrible winds blew it over.

Some of our neighbors were without power for several hours, but they said they were fine. We gave them a standing invitation to come to our house if they needed to get warm or cook or whatever. No one needed our help this time. Maybe next time.

The snow starting flying about 9am. It was early out for the schools and we found out that the roads were so bad that the school buses had a very hard time getting to the schools to pick up the kids and take them home. Then they had a hard time getting through the neighborhoods to drop off the kids and get back to the next school. Those drivers do the high school, then the jr. high and then the elementary. It was a real mess. Most of the kids were about 2 hours late getting home yesterday, some as much as 3 1/2 hours. It was really bad.

We kept the kids home yesterday, partly because of the weather we woke up to. But mostly because of the weather during the night. The winds howled so loud and the house shook so much, that the kids and I were awakened off and on all night. The kids were quite scared because the sounds and sensations were very new to them. But they are getting used to the winds here and hopefully soon they won't be afraid of the storms. I really am glad I kept the kids home. We had a nice day together and stayed warm and dry.

I was a little unnerved to. But not scared, just bothered- both from the storm and then the kids. Oh and someones car alarm that was triggered at 2:30am and went on for about 20 minutes before it either died or the owners put it out of it's misery. There was so much noise from the wind, if the car was downwind from their bedroom, they probably could not hear it.

Dad was at work and so he missed all the sounds of freight trains, tractor trailers, roaring engines, flying missiles, tanks, bombs, etc., all the noisy windy sounds from the storm. He was nice and snug in the ER with a very light number of patients. They figured that most of the people hung out at home and tried to wait out the storm, before coming to the ER. Very few drivers were out, so the risk of car accidents were low. It was a quiet night at the ER, he said.

Well, bye for now.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taking a Time Out (mostly from the family blog sites)

Well, it seems that life has taken over my life again.

What I am saying is that I have spread myself too thin and I am beginning to wonder how to get everything done.

I am continuing on with my Cub Scouting because I really love those boys. I should be getting the group split soon and so I'll only have about 5 or 6 for a few months. That will be nice.

I am continuing my Church Activity- That was never in question. I just want to do a lot more studying. We have been watching the DVD series - Liken the Scriptures, we have seen four of them. And we love them. We have been watching VeggieTales also. We have been enjoying the other DVD's like, The Best Two Years, Home Teachers, Work and the Glory series. These have been enjoyed so much as of late. We have read the whole book of Esther and I really enjoyed it and thinking about how much I understand because of my exposure to the Liken DVD and the VeggieTale DVD versions of the story of Esther.

I am continuing my Leadership Program as that has been extremely important in all my doings for the last year. It has heightened my spiritual awareness as well.

I am continuing getting ready to begin an Internet business. We are anticipating an announcement on February 10th that we hope will enlighten us as to where the Team Business Opportunity will be heading.

I am continuing my writing. I am working on two books at this time. I am getting really close to finishing my Pirate Story and I have a Western about a quarter done. I am finally feeling like I have a purpose again. I like delving into my imagination for my stories. It seems to give me a personal renewal every time I have an opportunity to work on them.

I am now beginning to look into cooking a different way. I have been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic. But the doctor seems to think that a better diet will control my sugars. I also need to find recipes that will help with gastrointestinal problems. I have always had GI problems, and now Pilot Boy is showing the same signs. We also have other health concerns that we want to avoid by implementing a better diet schedule in our home.

I want to begin to sew again and make things for my family. I want to keep the house cleaner and straighter. I want to meal plan and cook. I want to be here for my family. I want to be a better person and I want to be a better daughter of my Heavenly Father. I want to get more involved in our families genealogy and learning any family history stories that I can. I want to study more.

I just don't feel like I have enough time to accomplish everything I want to do. So for now I am going to keep holding back on my Blogging. I have missed being here the last few weeks so I do hope to be on here once in a while. Maybe just writing this post will encourage me to jump back into keeping up on this. I have really enjoyed writing here.

Love to all,


Friday, January 4, 2008

I Ate a Ginger Wreath!

I am so glad I went to my Mom's yesterday. I was able to eat a gingerbread wreath from my Mom's tree!! It was old and hard, but oh so ever delicious. It was not the one that is in the photo as one of my nephew's ate that one! I was almost heartbroken that he ate that one, but I got over it mighty quick.

It was a busy day yesterday. My oldest nephew got married today. So yesterday I was at my Mom's trying to help out. Then we went to a luncheon Bridal shower that was really wonderful and we got to meet some more relatives and friends of New Niece #1. Then I stopped back at my Mom's and then went home about 4:30ish.

The Wedding today was so special. It was held in The Manti Temple. We had a two hour drive to and from, but it was so worth it. That is a beautiful Temple. The new couple looked so happy and beautiful. I was teary with happiness. I am so grateful that Hubby and I were able to attend their Wedding Ceremony. I am so happy for Nephew #1-(Mr. Ireland) and his beautiful new Bride(Mrs. Ireland).

My Brother and his Wife, their children and some special friends put together a wonderful Wedding luncheon in Manti in one of the Church Buildings there. Their special friends made arrangements for the Church. It was so wonderful. The food was wonderful, the company was wonderful and the occasion was sooooooooooooo wonderful!!! (I suppose you can not tell that it was wonderful, right?!!)

The weather held out beautifully for the photos at the Temple and for the driving to and from as well. We so far have been blessed with the safety of the family members and friends who have traveled from distance states and cities to be here to celebrate with the newlyweds. My kids are excited to go to the Reception in an hour and hug the newlywed couple.

We only have 16 more Nieces and Nephews to go! I heard a little chirp in the grapevine and I am looking to the future for some more activity in this area. Will keep you posted.