Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for Many Things:

  • My Dear Husband who works so very hard for our family.

  • My (sometimes) Sweet Children, who when they are asleep are really quite amazing!

  • My Wonderful Parents who continues to guide me even though I am quite grown up!

  • My Friends who keep me sane.

  • My Mentors who give me insights into myself.

  • My Hunger to read and learn.

  • My Rowdy Cub Scouts. Enough said.

  • My personal skills and abilities that I trust and can share.

  • My Blogger Friends that share hope, ideas and experiences that allow me to grow thru them.

  • My Neighbors, who are looking out for us and my children.

  • My Cat, BeeBee, who still wants to live inside but has moved out to allow my allergies to ease a little.

  • My Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus, who gave me this opportunity to live in the world at this time, in this place and has given me the assurance that life here on earth is the greatest place for me to be during this phase of my eternity.

Thanks for reading.


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WFMW - Sifting in the Kitchen

Works for Me Wednesday

There have been many times I go to get cocoa out of my can and it is all compacted. So whisk to the rescue! I bought a set of 4 graduated whisks at the dollar store and put the smallest one in my Cocoa container. So when I need Cocoa, I gently whisk the powder in the can and then measure what I need. No more caked cocoa lumps! Works for me!

I also keep a whisk in my flour canister. This lightens the flour and I get more acurate measurings. I also keep a 1/2 cup measure in my flour to speed up measuring and less washing of preparation tools.

I bought extra measuring cups from the dollar store to put in my canisters and containers. Some are white sugar, powdered sugar, oats, brown sugar, hot cocoa mix, rice, macaroni, dried mashed potatoes- and measuring spoons stay permanent in the baking soda, cornstarch, baking powder, yeast, bulk salt, bulk taco seasoning, bulk dried onion pieces, etc.

These items save time in preparation of my food items and by delegating them to a certain product, I save time in needing to wash them as often. Works for me!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for so many things:

  1. I am Thankful that this week is going so well. Thanksgiving Dinner is coming fast and almost everything is arranged.
  2. I am Grateful that my side of the family will be sharing the Thanksgiving Turkey this year. I love my parents and siblings very much and I am looking forward to Dinner this afternoon with them. Almost everyone will be there. I will miss those who can not make it.
  3. I am Grateful that my husband has not been called into work yet today. He is on call, and I hope that the Hospital does not need him today. It has been too long, too many years, since we have had him with us for the Thanksgiving meal. I am keeping a prayer in my heart that he will not be called in.
  4. I am Thankful for wonderful parents. Parents who care very much about me and my family. I am grateful for their love, advice, support and contributions to my life.
  5. I am Grateful to my Saviour, Jesus Christ, for the sacrifices he made for me. Where would life be without my Saviour? I don't even want to go there. He is in my life and has lead me along the path that I have chosen to travel. I Thank Him for his example and all that he has given me.
  6. I am Thankful for a wonderful Husband. Although he is not perfect, there are times that I think he is. He has such a wonderful heart and is so forgiving and tolerant. I admire that he is a Leader among men. He is constantly learning and growing and I respect him for that. I respect that he works hard and is doing his best to earn a living for our family.
  7. I am Grateful for my two wonderful children. I am blessed to be their mom. We have our issues, but we are learning everyday how to get along.
  8. I am Grateful for the Team Leadership Development Service Provider System that we belong to. We are learning how to show love and respect between the four of us by using new communication skills. We are learning everyday how to be better. Our Team Leadership System provides the means for us to learn the skills that will take us further in life than we ever thought we could go.
  9. I am Thankful that I am me. Some days it would seem good to be someone else, but then I remember that 'God made me special and he loves me very much!' I am Grateful that I know who I am, where I came from and where I am going.
  10. I am Thankful for this beautiful world. I am grateful the opportunities I have had to travel and see the beautiful land that we call earth. I love the water, the waterfalls, the mountains, the rocks, the trees, the skylines, the oceans, the volcanoes, the prairies, the fjords, the desserts, the snow- I just love this earth and the opportunity I have to be here right now to enjoy life.

This is my first Thankful Thursday. It has been a good thing to think of things I love and are thankful for. I really have no complaints right now. My life is not perfect, but at this moment it truly is. Thanks for reading.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WFMW - Idea Notebook

Works for Me Wednesday

For my first post to WFMW I just want to put in a simple idea. I am quite new to Blogging and I am enjoying myself immensely.

My big problem is that when I am away from the computer, I think of all sorts of things to write about and when I get to the computer, I forget those great ideas.

I used to keep a notebook at my bedside to jot down ideas and todo's as they popped into my head. My ideas tend to come before sleep, in the middle of the night or early before rising. And keeping the notebook near was such a lifesaver for my brain. When we moved into our new house, I did not get my notebook back by my bed and I have really begun to regret this. So I am taking my notebook to bed with me tonight and we will see what the notebook holds for the future.

Thus, My Works For Me, is taking notes of my own ideas and thoughts so that I can better utilize my creative juices.

Have a wonderful Wednesday-


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Monday, November 19, 2007

Ramblings and Thankful List

Homemade Pizza smells really delicious. I just hope it tastes as good as it smells. There are two 9" pizza pies on the stove getting ready for us to delve into in about 10 minutes. So I am taking a moment to post a note.

My kids are so funny. Being 12 and 10, they should not be so funny, but they are. I guess if they are normal, they will be so funny for the rest of their lives. One of these days I will take the time to tell you why they are so funny. Today is just one of those days when I rolled my eyes and thanked the Lord that I have children!!

My Dear Husband is also, so funny. I thank the Lord for him, too. Maybe just today, I am so funny too. It seems that I am not getting anywhere with this post. I must have writers block or something. I need to take my notebook to bed with me tonight, because I keep having these great ideas come to me and I have not written them down and so off to Neverland they drift! I think my brain retention is closing down. I am a bit forgetful today and the last couple of days, but it is just a phase and I will be back to my 'normal' soon. Although, no one else will think I am normal, but that is normal. This has got to end!!!

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. I am thankful for many things this year:
  1. I am Grateful for a great Leadership System that has helped me focus on myself and learning so many new and wonderful things.
  2. I am Thankful for the Gospel and my membership in The LDS Church.
  3. I am Thankful that I/we were able to travel to Indiana to meet Michael's Family. Especially Great Grandma Mary, who is not doing very well.
  4. I am so Grateful to have met her and miss her greatly.
  5. I am Thankful for my Dear Husband, who is so giving and let's me know that he loves me.
  6. I am Thankful for my Dear Son. He is so fired up about his interests. He is my great idea man.
  7. I am Thankful for my Dear Datter. She is the one who brings music into our home all the time. She is my helper and can be very sensitive to her mom's feelings.
  8. I am Thankful for my Wonderful Parents. My Dad is my rock. He is so special to me, I love that he trusts me and supports me. I am grateful for his love. My Mom is my best friend. She listens to me and helps me figure out my challenges. I am grateful for her love.
  9. I am Thankful for my new home. It is a very comfortable place to live and it feels really wonderful here. I have renewed my desires to be a better person, the new environment helped in this renewal.
  10. I am Thankful for my Dear Sisters and Brothers. I am blessed to have so many now: Judy and Kevin, Louis and Denise, Roger and Linda, Kathy and Tony and Kevin and Jenny. They are all dear to my heart.
  11. I am Thankful for all my nieces and nephews. I will not list them, for I will surely miss someone. I do love them.
  12. I love our new ward and our neighbors. They are so wonderful to us.
  13. I Grateful for our Business Associates. They are great Team mates and I can hardly wait to have a business side to work with them again.
  14. I am Grateful for our family's health. We are pretty much doing well right now.
  15. I am Thankful for our darling kittens and their mom. It has been so fun having them around for the last 2 months. One kitten has found a home and is doing well.
  16. I am Thankful for our food storage and the help it brings us during financial short times.
  17. I am Thankful for Michael's job. I am grateful that he loves working in the ER. He is really good to the patients there and I am grateful that he has helped so many people.
  18. I am Grateful for Great Business Leaders who are fighting a battle for so many people and their opportunity to have a great and profitable business.
  19. I am Thankful to my Heavenly Father for all the Blessings he has given to me.
  20. I am Thankful to my Dear Brother, Jesus Christ, who has paid for my sins and given me the gift of eternal life.

May you all find the blessings you enjoy in your life and take a moment to reflect on them and realize how wonderful life truly is.

May God Bless You,


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Analysis and Action

I wanted to post this on my blog. I made a comment about an article that Orrin wrote and he commented back. He is a great leader. I will keep his words of wisdom here so that I may refer to them often.

Re: Chris Brady - When All is Said & Done
Comment by Shari Davis on Wed 14 Nov 2007 01:46 AM EST
Orrin, You mean so much to me and my family. We were adopted in from John Sims' group and we thank you and Chris for letting us come. We love having the System in our lives and appreciate your willingness to teach us and expose us to what you have learned. You are a great Leader and we are working on being great Leaders too. I appreciate this article, because I know that many times I do wait for too much information before I make a choice. I just want to be sure I make the right decision, however, life tends to pass me by when I wait too long. Regardless of how much I analyse, I am never really sure the choice is right, until I get 'doing'. So now when my heart says get started, I will get started. I have learned enough from the System to know that I need knowledge and action, so I trust that the choices I make will most of the time be correct. I will make mistakes, but that is a good thing because I will learn from them. Thanks for the System and Leadership thinking. The System has changed my Life! Thanks again, Shari
Re: Re: Chris Brady - When All is Said & Done
by Orrin Woodward on Wed 14 Nov 2007 06:36 AM EST Shari, Great thoughts and thanks for the proof reading! I really appreciate that and appreciate your willingness to grow and change. Keep exercising your decision making ability. It will develop just like muscles develop through exercise. On our way to 1 million leaders. thanks, Orrin

Monday, November 12, 2007

Silly Distractions with Shari

Story Time - The story did not really follow the question- oh well

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

OK, it is time for a little fun. So......

Once upon a time there was beautiful brown house. Oh, it smelled so very luscious. It was decorated with chocolate drops, licorice stix, candy stix, colorful sprinkles, gum stix, Skittles, M&M's, gum drops, pretzels, gummy bears, and other gummy things, and a lot more chocolate!

It looked like you would have the best time ever eating it. Yes, it was a Gingerbread House. The village where this delectable house was built did not have a candy store. The Gingerbread house was the villages candy store and for many years the villagers would go and have their tastes and enjoy of the Giving Gingerbread House.

But one year a new resident came to live in the village. It was a little old woman, who was so cranky and selfish. Soon the other villages found out that this woman was a candy witch. She could not survive without a continuous supply of candy. They found out that the last village she lived in had had a candy house, and because the old witch was greedy and keep the candy just for herself, the candy house finally gave up giving and melted away forever. That is why the Witch had moved.

As soon as the Witch had moved into the village, she went to the Gingerbread house and came away laughing and as happy as an old cranky witch could be. The villagers did not know what had made her so happy, but they soon found out.

One day the Mayor of the Village went to get some treats from the Gingerbread house. When the mayor tried to touch the house, a thousand bats came flying at him and drove him away. The mayor found out that the house was bewitched. The old witch had put a spell on the house to keep the sweets all to herself. Several other villagers also tried to get to the house and all were driven away.

A little child was dressed in a red and white striped dress and she was the first person to be able to approach the house and get treats without the bats attacking. The villages realized that the only way a visiting human could take tastes of the house was to wear a disguise. Soon there were costumes of all sorts of fun candies. Every time a villager in a costume went to the house, they were able to get their treats. If someone tried to get a treat without a costume, the same bats would chase them away.

The Giving Gingerbread house was sad that the villagers had to be in costume to get their treats, but the house was also glad that the villagers had found a way to still come and visit. The house continued to make itself tasty and delicious for the villagers.

One day the wicked old witch found out what was going on. Then she told the villagers that she was going to put a spell on all of them to keep them from eating 'her' gingerbread house.

One of the villagers, ran away before any spell could be caught. That villager had run to get help from a very old friend who hopefully would know what to do. When the villager explained his village's dilemma, his friend told him to go to the castle in the White Mountain Country and seek advice from the Wizard to the King.

The villager found the kings castle and was able to meet with the Wizard and the wizard gave him a spell breaker and a notice for the cranky old wicked witch. The villager thanked the wizard with all his heart and then he left to return to his village.

When the villager arrived home, he found all his neighbors asleep. They were sleeping in the streets, on the sidewalks, in the school, in the stores, they were asleep everywhere. He quickly used the spell breaker to awaken the other villagers. Then he used the spell breaker on the Giving Gingerbread house. Finally he took the notice to the Cranky old wicked Witch.

She was not happy, she was exceptionally cranky as she had seen what this man had done. She took the notice and read it. It said, "quit being cranky! Quit being selfish!" Then the paper said- "if you are nice, you can stay and share the Giving Gingerbread House with everyone here. But if you want to continue to be selfish you must now disappear into the forest and never come back."

The old witch got very angry and decided to leave rather than share with the villagers. She tried to put a spell on the one man who went for help, but the spell breaker he still was carrying stopped it. So the Witch went home got her stuff and headed into the woods. Once she entered into the woods, she would never be able to return to their village.

The villagers were free to go to the Giving Gingerbread house without having to be in disguise. They were free of the selfish witch. They all promised that they would always share their candy house with all those within their village and by making that promise they knew that the giving Gingerbread house would always give.


Oh, what a story! Sometimes it is hard to keep writing when you know it is coming out so lame. However, I decided that practice will only make me better. And so this is a practice piece and I am not even going to work on it. I may not even read it to see if it is missing anything or for grammar, etc.

Well I am off for some bean soup. Bye!

Saturday's Team Seminar in Salt Lake

This was a very superb Team Seminar as usual. However we were fortunate to have the Woodward's with us for the Ticket Holder portion of the meeting. It was awesome!!! Mitchell worked hard so that he could attend as well. He was thrilled that he was able to shake Orrin's hand twice and get his autograph. It was very very special to all of us.

There were some great notes I took during the meetings. I wanted to make note here of this one: 'Your actions speak so loud that I can't hear what you say.' Boy does that capture a lot in a nut shell. 'Your actions speak louder than words', is the original saying. We must always make sure that our actions are what we are saying. Like telling the truth. Tell the truth and you will never need to remember what you said.

Investments are adding value to something. So when you read, listen, do, act, watch for a value coming from these items. If you realize the value from some action, then it is not an expense but it is an investment.

Persistence is one of the most valuable traits we as Leaders can possess. Be willing to grow. Willing to stretch. Do whatever it takes to get your Community growing.

You become what you focus on. I will focus myself on only those things that will bring happiness into my family and help us become the servants our Heavenly Father wants us to be.

I need to be the best ME, I can be. You need to be the best YOU, you can be.

I love being me when I am in the TEAM environment. It is there that I feel like I can do whatever I set my mind to do. Of course, I want to do righteous things and help other people. But it is through associations with good people that I feel I do have Power Within myself to accomplish my dreams.

Bye for now-

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello November (Updated)

Well as usual, time can really get to flying fast.

It has almost been a month since I have been on this Blog. However, my family blogs are keeping up to date as well as my Cub Scout Den NewsBlog Site. I am also taking care of my Dad's Business Blog spot. And I was out of town for two weeks! I am glad I am not very busy. Heeee heeee.............


The Internet selling business portion of our business that Michael and I have been in is over. But it is a really great thing that this part is over.

You see we have always been attracted to the Amway Business Model, but we were never happy about it's public relations and it's pricing. We have tried to make a go of the Amway Business twice now and it is not something that will work for us. Contrary to popular belief, we have chosen to live on one income most of the time and therefore we do not have very much money to spend.
We have to budget very tightly and shop at "Wal-mart" where the prices are in our range. Amway may have quality products but their pricing is way too high for our family. We cannot justify spending extra money on Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and other disposables that really are much more expensive than Wal-mart and the dollar stores.

So when our Leaders and many of the other members of the TEAM Community, turned in their resignations to Quixtar and Amway, we decided it was time for us to do our own research and heart study to determine if we wanted to continue with Amway or depart from them and stay the course with the TEAM.

We did not take too long to make our decision, because the Amway Company made it clear that we, TEAM members, were following the wrong leadership and that we were doing the business wrong. Michael and I both feel that our Leaders are totally trustworthy, they are not perfect, but they are great knowledgeable leaders and want only the best for everyone they meet. We believe that the way our Leadership company is run is truly a superb model for changing people's lives and making a difference around us.

We are proud to be part of TEAM. We will pledge our allegiance to our Team Leaders and do our best to support the efforts of TEAM to make sure that we have fun, make money (when available) and make a difference. We love the TEAM!!!

We made our own decision to quit Amway and was never advised, approached or encouraged by our upline, downline or crossline. We made this decision as a couple, with the knowledge we had from both sides (Team and Alticor) and the feelings we were experiencing from the disparaging remarks from what I believe are Amway bloggers badmouthing my Leaders, my System, and my personal beliefs.

We know in our hearts that TEAM is the way to go for us. We will be successful in a Community where we are respected, taught Leadership and choose to Make a Difference in other peoples lives.


I can only testify that because of the Leadership System that Michael and I belong to, we are still a married couple today. I love him dearly. But I was failing as a wife and mother. (my opinion) I was almost to the conclusion that my husband and children needed someone better qualified to take care of them. I was lost and did not know how to change or even what to change. I only knew that changes needed to be made, because the way we were living was not changing and we were headed down the wrong path.

The information I found in the Team System was incredible. I found out ways to revamp my personal self and through this revamping the family was also changing. It was sincerely lifechanging! I started to learn that I needed to change myself and as I changed, everybody started to react differently which led to more of me changing and more of them adjusting and although we still have our issues, we at least know how to overcome the challanges set before us. Michael feels the same way. We have both grown through the investigation and application an invaluable amount of superb leadership materials.

The Leadership opportunities that we are presented with are fabulous. The books are life changing. The CD's and DVD's are inspiring. The Association with like-minded people who want to Make-A-Difference in the lives of their families, communities, their Country and the World is truly a blessing. Can one say, "FIRED UP!!!!!"


I am grateful that in our home, we are not constantly bombarded with the TV blaring. We have chosen not to put in Cable or Satellite. So since rabbit ears only bring in one channel, we have been situationally freed from the boobtube, and no one really seems to mind. The kids don't complain and it has been eight months since we had TV!! This is wonderful. Don't worry, we do get the news and weather on the Internet and that is by choice and we often don't choose to keep current. We know that someone will let us know if there is something we need to really know about.

I have been noticing that some of the DVD's we have, are becoming inappropriate. It is strange the longer we go without regular TV, the fewer bad (swear) words and media situations we get exposed to. OK, you are right, it is not strange, there really is a lot of crud sent to our homes via the TV system. I am finding that as we watch DVD's, what I used to let slip by is now grabbing my attention and screaming for me to remove the inappropriateness from our home. That is one of my many projects, sorting the movies and only keeping those that are good for all of us in our home.


I am reading the book, LOVE and RESPECT by Dr. Emerson Eggerich. This is a fantastic book. I am learning some very basic truths that apply in all marriages and relationships.

The problem I am having with this book is that it is very much revealing to me my own personal problems in my communication with my family members. I will admit that at this time, I am finding it very uncomfortable to want to change. This book puts the truth too close to home. I am finding it hard to come to grips with my lack of Respect towards those I love so much.

I am resisting very strongly and the worst part is, I know what I am reading is TRUE!!! I have had a problem with Respect for quite a few years now, and the book explains it so simply and I see where I have been failing. But my stubborn streak is rearing up it's ugly head and persuading me to not do the work to change things yet. I am hoping that by admitting this here, that maybe I can push myself over the pride issue and humble myself into wanting to make things better in my life, our lives.


I love listening to a CD by Orrin Woodward about what our future could be like in a fair business. Randy & Valerie Haugen also have a great CD teaching us about 'changing through learning' and also they have a lot of 'financial' teaching CD's that are truly inspiring. I love all of Orrin's and Chris Brady's CD's.

I really love all the CD's we have been privileged to invest in. Michael and I know the value we are getting through this Leadership Development Service Provider call TEAM. The TEAM LDSP is a fantastic way for anyone to develop skills in dealing with their families, churches, communities and places of work.


Michael and I are hoping that a new Business Opportunity will be available to us and our Community of Business Partners in February 2008. This opportunity would/will be life changing according to our own due diligence. We do not want nor believe in something for nothing. We want to work for our Dreams and our Future.

We want to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference. We want to do this with our family members, our friends, our friends we have not met yet and their friends and so on. Building a community of great people who want to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference is not difficult, but it is life changing.

The wave of the future is business married to the Internet. That is what our Business is all about. We know that our fearless Leaders know this is a true Principle of the Information Age. We trust them and know that they will do whatever they can within their power to put us in touch with a business plan that will allow the average hard working man or woman the opportunity to make money and make a difference.

We are in the Information Age and we need to learn the nuances that come with business with this new age. Ask us what we have learned and where we have learned it. We would be happy to share the information with you, and let you make your own determination where the buying future is heading. We would love to assist you anytime.

Keep reading and learning. That is your key to your Future.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Dislike of White Milk

Maybe it was because of the Milk Man?

No it could not have been. I really loved our Milk Man. He was one of the few visitors we had to our house. We lived pretty far from all the other houses.

I never really liked milk, unless it was very cold. I had to put ice cubes in it sometimes. I did like buttermilk though. Still do, I love it's tanginess.

We almost always had chocolate powder while I was growing up. So I would drink milk if it was chocolate.

My biggest problem with milk was at school lunch. Back in those days, in 1966-70, we had teachers who made sure you ate your lunch. They would not let you out for recess unless you ate all the disgusting canned peas, yuck; drank your soon room temperature warm milk, yucky; and sometimes the main entree was also horrible. I tried many times to sneak my peas into my milk carton and make the carton appear empty, but I got caught most of the time. So then I was eating Canned Peas in Warm Milk, now that was really disgusting.

I worked in the lunchroom in one of our elementary schools a couple of years ago and the kids are required to take the lunch tray, but they are not required to eat anything. So much of the food we made went straight into the garbage. It was awful. And I finally quit at the end of the year because there was so much waste in that department. The rules are made by our District Leaders and we had to comply or loose our jobs.

Food waste! This is a whole other story! I won't get started here.

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Named Number Two

Number Two was born on the second trip to the Hospital. She was the second child. The second Daughter. The Second Granddaughter. Born on the second day of the second month. The second child to have Patent Ductus Arteriosis. The second to be born in that Hospital. Being the second child born to her Dad who was a second child, second boy. Being the second child born to her Mom who was the second living child in her family.

The second child of her parents to walk, talk, drive, drive her parents crazy- I could ramble on seconds for ever. But really Number Two was always Special. She was the only One who was a Two.

Being the number two child in a family of 5 kids (that would eventually have six children all totalled) and living in a three bedroom house, there was always sharing going on. She didn't have her own room, her own closet, her own dresser, her own bathroom, her own chair, etc.

There is nothing wrong with that, but as a child, she thought she was getting a bad deal!

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