Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I am Thankful for so many things:

  1. I am Thankful that this week is going so well. Thanksgiving Dinner is coming fast and almost everything is arranged.
  2. I am Grateful that my side of the family will be sharing the Thanksgiving Turkey this year. I love my parents and siblings very much and I am looking forward to Dinner this afternoon with them. Almost everyone will be there. I will miss those who can not make it.
  3. I am Grateful that my husband has not been called into work yet today. He is on call, and I hope that the Hospital does not need him today. It has been too long, too many years, since we have had him with us for the Thanksgiving meal. I am keeping a prayer in my heart that he will not be called in.
  4. I am Thankful for wonderful parents. Parents who care very much about me and my family. I am grateful for their love, advice, support and contributions to my life.
  5. I am Grateful to my Saviour, Jesus Christ, for the sacrifices he made for me. Where would life be without my Saviour? I don't even want to go there. He is in my life and has lead me along the path that I have chosen to travel. I Thank Him for his example and all that he has given me.
  6. I am Thankful for a wonderful Husband. Although he is not perfect, there are times that I think he is. He has such a wonderful heart and is so forgiving and tolerant. I admire that he is a Leader among men. He is constantly learning and growing and I respect him for that. I respect that he works hard and is doing his best to earn a living for our family.
  7. I am Grateful for my two wonderful children. I am blessed to be their mom. We have our issues, but we are learning everyday how to get along.
  8. I am Grateful for the Team Leadership Development Service Provider System that we belong to. We are learning how to show love and respect between the four of us by using new communication skills. We are learning everyday how to be better. Our Team Leadership System provides the means for us to learn the skills that will take us further in life than we ever thought we could go.
  9. I am Thankful that I am me. Some days it would seem good to be someone else, but then I remember that 'God made me special and he loves me very much!' I am Grateful that I know who I am, where I came from and where I am going.
  10. I am Thankful for this beautiful world. I am grateful the opportunities I have had to travel and see the beautiful land that we call earth. I love the water, the waterfalls, the mountains, the rocks, the trees, the skylines, the oceans, the volcanoes, the prairies, the fjords, the desserts, the snow- I just love this earth and the opportunity I have to be here right now to enjoy life.

This is my first Thankful Thursday. It has been a good thing to think of things I love and are thankful for. I really have no complaints right now. My life is not perfect, but at this moment it truly is. Thanks for reading.


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  1. I love your thankful list and I espcially love that you are thankful that you are you!!! AMEN - God created and formed you - He knows you from the inside out - you are His master piece - have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. Your list is awesome and yes, it is good to stop and think about what we are thankful for. I find that it's difficult at times being thankful for who I am, so thanks for the reminder in your list. God did make each of us special and he loves us.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa B.