Monday, November 19, 2007

Ramblings and Thankful List

Homemade Pizza smells really delicious. I just hope it tastes as good as it smells. There are two 9" pizza pies on the stove getting ready for us to delve into in about 10 minutes. So I am taking a moment to post a note.

My kids are so funny. Being 12 and 10, they should not be so funny, but they are. I guess if they are normal, they will be so funny for the rest of their lives. One of these days I will take the time to tell you why they are so funny. Today is just one of those days when I rolled my eyes and thanked the Lord that I have children!!

My Dear Husband is also, so funny. I thank the Lord for him, too. Maybe just today, I am so funny too. It seems that I am not getting anywhere with this post. I must have writers block or something. I need to take my notebook to bed with me tonight, because I keep having these great ideas come to me and I have not written them down and so off to Neverland they drift! I think my brain retention is closing down. I am a bit forgetful today and the last couple of days, but it is just a phase and I will be back to my 'normal' soon. Although, no one else will think I am normal, but that is normal. This has got to end!!!

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. I am thankful for many things this year:
  1. I am Grateful for a great Leadership System that has helped me focus on myself and learning so many new and wonderful things.
  2. I am Thankful for the Gospel and my membership in The LDS Church.
  3. I am Thankful that I/we were able to travel to Indiana to meet Michael's Family. Especially Great Grandma Mary, who is not doing very well.
  4. I am so Grateful to have met her and miss her greatly.
  5. I am Thankful for my Dear Husband, who is so giving and let's me know that he loves me.
  6. I am Thankful for my Dear Son. He is so fired up about his interests. He is my great idea man.
  7. I am Thankful for my Dear Datter. She is the one who brings music into our home all the time. She is my helper and can be very sensitive to her mom's feelings.
  8. I am Thankful for my Wonderful Parents. My Dad is my rock. He is so special to me, I love that he trusts me and supports me. I am grateful for his love. My Mom is my best friend. She listens to me and helps me figure out my challenges. I am grateful for her love.
  9. I am Thankful for my new home. It is a very comfortable place to live and it feels really wonderful here. I have renewed my desires to be a better person, the new environment helped in this renewal.
  10. I am Thankful for my Dear Sisters and Brothers. I am blessed to have so many now: Judy and Kevin, Louis and Denise, Roger and Linda, Kathy and Tony and Kevin and Jenny. They are all dear to my heart.
  11. I am Thankful for all my nieces and nephews. I will not list them, for I will surely miss someone. I do love them.
  12. I love our new ward and our neighbors. They are so wonderful to us.
  13. I Grateful for our Business Associates. They are great Team mates and I can hardly wait to have a business side to work with them again.
  14. I am Grateful for our family's health. We are pretty much doing well right now.
  15. I am Thankful for our darling kittens and their mom. It has been so fun having them around for the last 2 months. One kitten has found a home and is doing well.
  16. I am Thankful for our food storage and the help it brings us during financial short times.
  17. I am Thankful for Michael's job. I am grateful that he loves working in the ER. He is really good to the patients there and I am grateful that he has helped so many people.
  18. I am Grateful for Great Business Leaders who are fighting a battle for so many people and their opportunity to have a great and profitable business.
  19. I am Thankful to my Heavenly Father for all the Blessings he has given to me.
  20. I am Thankful to my Dear Brother, Jesus Christ, who has paid for my sins and given me the gift of eternal life.

May you all find the blessings you enjoy in your life and take a moment to reflect on them and realize how wonderful life truly is.

May God Bless You,


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