Monday, November 5, 2007

Dislike of White Milk

Maybe it was because of the Milk Man?

No it could not have been. I really loved our Milk Man. He was one of the few visitors we had to our house. We lived pretty far from all the other houses.

I never really liked milk, unless it was very cold. I had to put ice cubes in it sometimes. I did like buttermilk though. Still do, I love it's tanginess.

We almost always had chocolate powder while I was growing up. So I would drink milk if it was chocolate.

My biggest problem with milk was at school lunch. Back in those days, in 1966-70, we had teachers who made sure you ate your lunch. They would not let you out for recess unless you ate all the disgusting canned peas, yuck; drank your soon room temperature warm milk, yucky; and sometimes the main entree was also horrible. I tried many times to sneak my peas into my milk carton and make the carton appear empty, but I got caught most of the time. So then I was eating Canned Peas in Warm Milk, now that was really disgusting.

I worked in the lunchroom in one of our elementary schools a couple of years ago and the kids are required to take the lunch tray, but they are not required to eat anything. So much of the food we made went straight into the garbage. It was awful. And I finally quit at the end of the year because there was so much waste in that department. The rules are made by our District Leaders and we had to comply or loose our jobs.

Food waste! This is a whole other story! I won't get started here.

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