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Hello November (Updated)

Well as usual, time can really get to flying fast.

It has almost been a month since I have been on this Blog. However, my family blogs are keeping up to date as well as my Cub Scout Den NewsBlog Site. I am also taking care of my Dad's Business Blog spot. And I was out of town for two weeks! I am glad I am not very busy. Heeee heeee.............


The Internet selling business portion of our business that Michael and I have been in is over. But it is a really great thing that this part is over.

You see we have always been attracted to the Amway Business Model, but we were never happy about it's public relations and it's pricing. We have tried to make a go of the Amway Business twice now and it is not something that will work for us. Contrary to popular belief, we have chosen to live on one income most of the time and therefore we do not have very much money to spend.
We have to budget very tightly and shop at "Wal-mart" where the prices are in our range. Amway may have quality products but their pricing is way too high for our family. We cannot justify spending extra money on Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and other disposables that really are much more expensive than Wal-mart and the dollar stores.

So when our Leaders and many of the other members of the TEAM Community, turned in their resignations to Quixtar and Amway, we decided it was time for us to do our own research and heart study to determine if we wanted to continue with Amway or depart from them and stay the course with the TEAM.

We did not take too long to make our decision, because the Amway Company made it clear that we, TEAM members, were following the wrong leadership and that we were doing the business wrong. Michael and I both feel that our Leaders are totally trustworthy, they are not perfect, but they are great knowledgeable leaders and want only the best for everyone they meet. We believe that the way our Leadership company is run is truly a superb model for changing people's lives and making a difference around us.

We are proud to be part of TEAM. We will pledge our allegiance to our Team Leaders and do our best to support the efforts of TEAM to make sure that we have fun, make money (when available) and make a difference. We love the TEAM!!!

We made our own decision to quit Amway and was never advised, approached or encouraged by our upline, downline or crossline. We made this decision as a couple, with the knowledge we had from both sides (Team and Alticor) and the feelings we were experiencing from the disparaging remarks from what I believe are Amway bloggers badmouthing my Leaders, my System, and my personal beliefs.

We know in our hearts that TEAM is the way to go for us. We will be successful in a Community where we are respected, taught Leadership and choose to Make a Difference in other peoples lives.


I can only testify that because of the Leadership System that Michael and I belong to, we are still a married couple today. I love him dearly. But I was failing as a wife and mother. (my opinion) I was almost to the conclusion that my husband and children needed someone better qualified to take care of them. I was lost and did not know how to change or even what to change. I only knew that changes needed to be made, because the way we were living was not changing and we were headed down the wrong path.

The information I found in the Team System was incredible. I found out ways to revamp my personal self and through this revamping the family was also changing. It was sincerely lifechanging! I started to learn that I needed to change myself and as I changed, everybody started to react differently which led to more of me changing and more of them adjusting and although we still have our issues, we at least know how to overcome the challanges set before us. Michael feels the same way. We have both grown through the investigation and application an invaluable amount of superb leadership materials.

The Leadership opportunities that we are presented with are fabulous. The books are life changing. The CD's and DVD's are inspiring. The Association with like-minded people who want to Make-A-Difference in the lives of their families, communities, their Country and the World is truly a blessing. Can one say, "FIRED UP!!!!!"


I am grateful that in our home, we are not constantly bombarded with the TV blaring. We have chosen not to put in Cable or Satellite. So since rabbit ears only bring in one channel, we have been situationally freed from the boobtube, and no one really seems to mind. The kids don't complain and it has been eight months since we had TV!! This is wonderful. Don't worry, we do get the news and weather on the Internet and that is by choice and we often don't choose to keep current. We know that someone will let us know if there is something we need to really know about.

I have been noticing that some of the DVD's we have, are becoming inappropriate. It is strange the longer we go without regular TV, the fewer bad (swear) words and media situations we get exposed to. OK, you are right, it is not strange, there really is a lot of crud sent to our homes via the TV system. I am finding that as we watch DVD's, what I used to let slip by is now grabbing my attention and screaming for me to remove the inappropriateness from our home. That is one of my many projects, sorting the movies and only keeping those that are good for all of us in our home.


I am reading the book, LOVE and RESPECT by Dr. Emerson Eggerich. This is a fantastic book. I am learning some very basic truths that apply in all marriages and relationships.

The problem I am having with this book is that it is very much revealing to me my own personal problems in my communication with my family members. I will admit that at this time, I am finding it very uncomfortable to want to change. This book puts the truth too close to home. I am finding it hard to come to grips with my lack of Respect towards those I love so much.

I am resisting very strongly and the worst part is, I know what I am reading is TRUE!!! I have had a problem with Respect for quite a few years now, and the book explains it so simply and I see where I have been failing. But my stubborn streak is rearing up it's ugly head and persuading me to not do the work to change things yet. I am hoping that by admitting this here, that maybe I can push myself over the pride issue and humble myself into wanting to make things better in my life, our lives.


I love listening to a CD by Orrin Woodward about what our future could be like in a fair business. Randy & Valerie Haugen also have a great CD teaching us about 'changing through learning' and also they have a lot of 'financial' teaching CD's that are truly inspiring. I love all of Orrin's and Chris Brady's CD's.

I really love all the CD's we have been privileged to invest in. Michael and I know the value we are getting through this Leadership Development Service Provider call TEAM. The TEAM LDSP is a fantastic way for anyone to develop skills in dealing with their families, churches, communities and places of work.


Michael and I are hoping that a new Business Opportunity will be available to us and our Community of Business Partners in February 2008. This opportunity would/will be life changing according to our own due diligence. We do not want nor believe in something for nothing. We want to work for our Dreams and our Future.

We want to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference. We want to do this with our family members, our friends, our friends we have not met yet and their friends and so on. Building a community of great people who want to Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference is not difficult, but it is life changing.

The wave of the future is business married to the Internet. That is what our Business is all about. We know that our fearless Leaders know this is a true Principle of the Information Age. We trust them and know that they will do whatever they can within their power to put us in touch with a business plan that will allow the average hard working man or woman the opportunity to make money and make a difference.

We are in the Information Age and we need to learn the nuances that come with business with this new age. Ask us what we have learned and where we have learned it. We would be happy to share the information with you, and let you make your own determination where the buying future is heading. We would love to assist you anytime.

Keep reading and learning. That is your key to your Future.


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