Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Computer Finally Found a Home

Here is Hubby working on the computer in it's new home. It is a very nice solid wood cabinet. We have been looking and wanting one of these for many years. I finally found one at a very good price and at the right time. This is really making a big difference in the amount of room we have in our dining room.

I do have a few more things to move downstairs that are in the dining room. However, I am not quite ready to move anything yet. First I have to get the office/family room ready. We are not moving our Internet computer downstairs. It will stay in the new hutch between the living room and the dining room, in the central living area.

Not to be outdone, I found a smaller roll top desk which is the perfect size for my laptop. The only problem with the location I have put it in, is that there is not an electrical outlet within range. So I am using an extension cord for now. But maybe when the electricians come to repair the dining room 3-way switch, they could tell me if we can put an outlet on the wall near the desk and maybe they will be able to do it for a plate of brownies. Should be fast and easy.

Well, going for now.


Another Interesting Encounter

Pilot, Hubby and I made a trip up to IKEA today. We are going to use some sheets for our ceiling and walls in the basement office. I didn't have enough white sheets to do the whole area, so we headed up to get some $1.99 twins sheets. They are the least expensive we could find. $2.00 a flat sheet is a good price around here.

We made it through the IKEA store without putting anything else in our basket. But believe me, this was extremely very hard for me to do! If I need anything else from IKEA and I do not have to be there, I will send Hubby without me. I don't know if I could do anymore shopping there without getting a lot of things 'I need'- things I didn't know I needed until I saw them there!!

As we were waiting in the checkout line, I noticed this really beautiful woman in the isle next to us. I was sure she was a friend of the family. She looked very familiar, so I went over and asked if her last name was "S". She said she was and she said are you a "S"? So we told each other our married names and asked about each others families.

She is the youngest daughter of my Dad's hunting partner and friend of nearly 50 years. It was fun to see her. Our families have contact quite often with business and church, but I have not seen her for several years. She is so pretty and sweet. I was able to meet her husband again and their darling youngest boy.

I so love to see my old friends! This world is full of wonderful people that I know. It is fun to wonder why we would intersect like we did today.

I also received a forwarded e-mail from my mom not too long ago that came from my Aunt and Uncle who are in Norway serving another mission for our church. The e-mail has contact information for a friend of mine who I met while I was on a Church Mission to Norway, 24 years ago. This was so awesome. I have since sent her an e-mail and am anxiously awaiting her reply.

The Lord is blessing me with these opportunities to be in touch with friends and finally I am responding. I hope to remember to stay in contact better than I have for the last while.

I am thankful for my blessings.

Check back soon, who knows who I'll run into next.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Home School - Is Right For You?

You would not believe how many different responses we have heard when we announced that we were home schooling our two kids this year.

"Are you crazy?" "I didn't know your were that crazy!" "Are you sure you want to do this?" "What?! Home school! Are you crazy." "Really?" "Crazy girl, what were you thinking?" "Man, you are in trouble now!" and on and on and on.......

Do you hear the consistent message? I sure did!

However, I have had some wonderful supporters as well. "You can do it!" "Wow, this will be interesting. I'm sure glad you researched this and we will support you any way we can." "I sure wish I had done this with my kids." "I wish I could do this with my kids."

Well guess what? Anyone can do this. I truly believe that we can do anything we desire if we have the dream and determination to do what we desire.

For us we had some feelings that we wanted to home school in the next few years. So I started researching curriculum on line and reading blogs that reflected homeschooling within families. Then when some of our friends told us they were homeschooling this fall, we looked into the program they were going to use. We decided to go with the K-12 system through one of State's School Districts.

We applied and then had the kids take the placement tests so they can be personally fitted with materials for their own level of knowledge. This is great that they will be able to learn where they are and go as fast or as slow as they need to go to learn the material.

We are in the final stages of placement at this stage. If all goes well we should be totally accepted and ready to go within a week.

Now, how do we know that this is right for us? Well, I have a strong knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves me and wants the best for me and my family. I know that if I take my research to Him and pitch my desires to Him, that He will answer my prayers. Now, I know that He will not always answer my prayers how I want to have them answered. I know I need to be receptive and listen for His answer. To make a long paragraph short- I know when things are right for me because The Holy Spirit whispers guidance to me and will also confirm when something is correct in my life. I know many things because of the confirmation The Holy Spirit gives me.

So my suggestion to you is, to research what you need to know, pray about what you need to know. Tell your Heavenly Father in your prayer what you intend on doing. Then ask Him if it is the right thing to do. He will answer your prayer with a calmness in your heart or a burning in your heart and you will know for sure that it is right. If you have feelings of doubt then the answer is probably no, or not now. If you lack any feelings, it might mean that you have not received an answer, or possibly it may mean that you can do it or not do it, it won't really matter. This is getting muddled. I will try and write it more clear later.

All I can say is "I just know" when I get an answer. 48 years of practice has helped me get to this position. If any of you want more, e-mail me and I will try to explain this better.

I know that Home School will not be easy. But I know it will be worth it. I hope to have a lot of fun and freedoms with my kids. We know we can be a bit flexible and do learning in a whole more applicable way. I really am excited.

While the kids are doing their school work, I can learn with them. I can also work my business. I can also work on my novels. I have 4 in the works, with 1 near completion. I have been finding it difficult to work on my books, but now with an office/school room, it should be much easier to get down to business and do some serious writing.

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. But I will post a few photos showing the beginnings of our office in our unfinished family room. So see ya later............

Great! This is a desk up-side-down. And this shows the other desk unbuilt. So as of today, both desks have been built and turned right-side-up. The carpet is spread out and layered to add padding and cover all the cement floor. Next is putting up the fabric walls and ceiling. I am using white sheets and what ever else I have on hand. I do need to have some electricity run, but that will be next week or the week after. So I will update later.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Divine Intervention

You would not believe this story, so I am thinking that all I will say is, "TODAY was a FANTASTIC DAY!"

However, you know that I am not one to not talk about what is happening to me and mine, so get ready for a long one!!!

Hubby and I have been looking on KSL Classifieds for some free stuff, (you are right! We do already have too much stuff. That's another story.) and we have gotten some good bargains also. Things that have already in less then a week made life more organized and better in our home. I will share them with you later. But aside from getting free deck material and free landscaping stuff, I have promised myself and dear Hubby that I am done looking for anything else.

So as the computer sat today not going to KSL, I think it was calling to me. The computer was bored and wanted some attention. I kept telling it no! I hadn't gone to KSL in TWO whole days! I was not going to go there today. I really did not want to find anything else that I 'needed'. I didn't know I 'needed' all the other stuff we got, except the computer hutch made of solid wood and in excellent condition and the laptop desk that is in really good condition. I had been looking for a computer hutch for several year now and could never afford the one I wanted from the store even on sale. So I started to look in the KSL Classifieds. And ..... oh, bother, back to the story.

Anyway, I said 'no' to the computer and went about my business. Then I went upstairs for a while. This is where the story really begins.

Out of the blue, I decided to go downstairs, it was like I was being compelled down and straight to the computer. So I thought, well I can study some more leadership or business stuff. So I turned on the computer. But the first thing I did was pull up KSL and look at the free items page. I just did it, no real thought. An ad caught my eye, OK it was the top entry and it had been on for 2 minutes. It was for a 13 foot trampoline safety surround. I looked at that ad and thought, 'cool, don't really need one but cool.'

I thought of my backyard neighbor and they have a trampoline and small children and maybe they could use it. She is an avid KSLer when she is looking for something, so I was going to call her but then I saw she was out in the yard and working. So I decided to call the ad contact. I called the contact and got an answering machine. Then I e-mailed the contact. The ad had been on for about 8 minutes now.

"H" e-mailed me back. She told me to call "W" and also gave me the address to pick it up. So I called "W" and said something like this, 'This is Shari and I am calling about your ad for the Trampoline surround. I used to live near where you are and I would like to come and get the surround.'

"W" answered, 'will this brand fit your trampoline.' She didn't want me to get it home and find out it wouldn't fit. We spoke a little bit more and all of the sudden she asked, " is this Shari S...?"

All of the sudden I realized that I knew who "W" was. (I thought when I saw her name in the e-mail, wouldn't that be neat if this was my friend "W". I knew it couldn't be, it just wouldn't be such a small world...) But it was a small world and so I said "W", "WS"?" It was her! My very special friend of 34 years!!!

I then ask her if she was at home and if she had time for me to come over. She said yes. And I said, 'I'll be there in two minutes!' It actually takes about 7 minutes from my house, but I was so excited I know I could have flown there in the 2 minutes. I took more than 2 minutes to get there, for those of you who are wondering. I tried really hard to keep to the speed limits and I did quite well.

I took the long way around her neighborhood, because I left in such a hurry that I only wrote down the address not the directions! It didn't take long though and soon I was in front of her lovely home. There were geckos (Hawaiian lizards) in her outdoor design and I knew I was in the right place.

I hurried to the door and before I could knock, she was opening it and we were hugging. It was all so fantastic. We are not long lost friends but I for one have allowed too much time to pass without visiting with her. "W" is my eternal friend. We have a very special friendship. We do not have to be together all the time to feel each others love and respect. I know that she is busy and trying very hard to raise her children and keep her family together. I would never try to pull her away from her family by doing 'friend things' right now. Now is the time for each of us to focus on the blessings that Heavenly Father has given us- our families, husband and children.

She has felt the same. We have seen each other over the years at happy occasions and very sad occasions. Birthdays are special because we can call each other and wish for another year of goodness for each other. There have been many times that we have not made the calls, but in our hearts we think of each other and we know that each other is doing fine and that the Lord is watching over the other.

For me it is so comfortable when we do see each other after several years. It always seems like it was just yesterday that we were off to Institute or swimming and just being together. Although that was 28 - 30 years ago. Our hearts are connected and I am sure that we were friends before we came to earth. We will always be friends, especially into eternity. My hope is that when we are both back at home in Heaven, that things will be different so that we can spend more time with each other.

But if that is not the case, we will still be forever friends and always have a special bond. I hold her siblings, parents and whole family in a very dear spot in my heart. I love you all very much and ask Heavenly Father to always bless you according to your needs. I also pray that you have the comfort and guidance from the Holy Ghost to be with you all at all times. I love you guys!!!

The Lord has truly blessed me throughout my life. I have such wonderful family and friends. I am not a 'do-er' friend. I don't need or really want to go shopping and do lunches, movies or activities. Partially because I love conversation and learning about each other most. The other reason is that I know that we need to be with our own families, we need to be there for them and that takes a lot of effort and time.

There is nothing wrong with BBQ's and trips, if we do them combined with our families. I also know that some R&R (rest and recovery) is necessary. But thus far, I have not tried to take a couple of days and run to a retreat with my friends. I have other friends who do something like this and they say it is marvelous to the soul to rekindle friendships and self confidence and return to their family rested and ready for the next challenge. I want to try this someday, but I think my kids are still too young for me to run off on such a retreat.

Anyway, I have been blessed with great friends and family. I am grateful for them and for all that I have learned from their examples. I hope I can always be there for my family and friends when they need me.

Oh, my goodness, I have really deviated from the story. "W" and I visited for at least 2 hours and it was so wonderful. "H" tried very hard to get hold of "W" to find out if I had picked up the trampoline surround. "W", being such a good friend, did not interrupt our visit to answer the phone. So "H" was forced to make a decision about the surround. She did not know if I was picking it up or not and had to guess that maybe I flaked out and didn't go take the surround.

I was so excited to find out it was "W" on the phone that I did not e-mail a thanks and I was going to pick up the surround. When I got to "W's" home, we did not even think to call "H" and let her know that I was there to get it.

Poor "H" had to make a decision, so she sent someone else to pick up the surround. Her husband came by the house to let "W" know that someone was there to take the surround. "W" was horrified that someone else would be taking the surround. "H" was also sorry that someone else was taking the surround. BUT I was actually relieved that I did not have to try and put the surround in my vehicle. AND I do not even have a trampoline!! I was thinking that if my neighbor could use it, it would be great. If she couldn't use it, maybe I could put it around my pool. BUT I am so happy for everything and how everything worked out!!

I came home with a renewed connection with "W". I did not come home with 'another project' to contend with. I truly am the winner. "W" is the winner too, because the surround did get taken away from her home!! We both won!!!

I thank Heavenly Father for such a clever plan to put "W" and me in the same room together today. I have no doubt that His hand was in this whole experience. To my sadness, I have had her number for a year now and have not called her. Then she moved. I still had her number, but still I sadly did not call. I know that Heavenly Father put me in the right place to make contact with "W" and be able to see her today.

There is a reason and I believe one reason may be to help me feel better about myself and know that I truly have a friend with a listening heart to help me get over my 'woe me' times. "W" always makes me feel special. Even today, with me in my work clothes, grey hair, overweight and nearly all rubbed off nail polish, she made me feel special. She likes me, not my shell but me, the me inside. She has a very special gift and is a great friend to all she meets. She makes you feel like you are her very best friend. She truly cares about you and listens with her heart. She is genuine and sincere at all times. There must be thousands of us in the world that feel "W" is our best friend. What a true friend she is. Life is good and I am blessed beyond measure.

May the Lord bless all my dear family and friends throughout this world, from Florida to Washington State, Canada and Norway, Hawaii and elsewhere.



Why dd I feel compelled to get on my computer at the same exact time the ad was placed?

What are the chances of me getting a bug to look on KSL two minutes after the Ad from H and W was posted? (Possibly being the first to see the ad and contact H)

What are the chances of me calling on an item that I definitely do not have a need for? (remember we don't have a trampoline.)

What are the chances that W would be my friend that I think about a lot during July especially? (Think of all the people who place ad's on KSL and do the math.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Got To Love It

You gotta love it when you find something that works for you. Yesterday morning I did not take my wonderful fruit juice and boy did I suffer when I ate some of my 'wrong foods' (a small bowl of Captn Crunch ceral with milk). I was sick within 15 minutes of eating and felt horrible all day. I will have to try drinking my juice and then eating some cereal and really see if there is a difference. I suppose in all honesty, I probably would have been 'sick' anyway since I had the milk. However, since I have been taking my juice, I have milk every once in a while and don't get sick. So maybe my juice would have made a great difference in how I felt overall. I will have to experiment when I have a day that I feel like I can spare the time, if I don't do well.
Today I took said wonderful juice. Then I had a breakfast of eggs, fried spam and pepperjack cheese. I have not been what I call 'sick' at all! This is so wonderful.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16th is Almost Over

I have had a busy week again. So much for thinking I will write every day or at least more often than a week at a time. It has been nearly a week since I wrote last.

Where does time go? Oh, I figured part of where time goes. When Dear Hubby is at work, there seems to be less time to Blog. That is really weird. But it is true. You see, Hubby went to work last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then up to Scout Camp on Monday. Back to work Tuesday night. I sat down to begin to blog tonight because he was only on call, however off he went to work again.

Hubby has been put on restrictive or light duty at work because his knee has been reinjured again. As of this afternoon, he was not supposed to go to work, unless another position was found for him that could meet his doctors requirements of light duty. However, they needed him in the ER on call to watch a physc patient. That should be light duty enough. So off he went.

Our pool is doing very well. The neighbor kids like to swim with Pilot and Angel. It has been a bit cool for me. The water only gets to around 82 degrees and that is much too cold for me. But I have some solar ideas for heating the water being tossed around in my head.

My garden plants are coming great. I ate a cherry tomato yesterday and it was delicious. I can't wait for more to become ripe. It has been very hot and apparently when it is hot the squash don't do so well. My squash are not doing great, so I wonder if I put up some shade for them if it will help right now. A neighbor of my Mom's called the Gardening Extension at the university and they said that early hot weather adversely affects squash. Guess I will have to try something to help them along.

The kids and I picked up a $20 round glass table the other day. The round table top is two inches larger than our dining room table, but it will certainly protect the wooden top from any more spills. Twenty dollars is a steal for such a thick glass table topper. The table stand is in the back yard and I am sure I can find something to do with it. Maybe make a new outdoor top for it or something. My Dad says we got a good deal on the topper.

Pilot Boy went up with Hubby to Scout Camp on Monday morning. Scout Camp is in the High Uinta's out of Vernal about 40 miles. Then Tuesday at 3:00am they both show up back here at home. Apparently two of the Scouts had sick stomachs and they wanted to come home. Since Hubby had to leave in the am, the leaders decided to send the sick kids home with my Hubby. Pilot Boy said he needed to come back also, to make sure that Hubby stayed awake.

So Pilot went back up on Tuesday evening with a friend of our who was headed back up there. So Pilot is back at camp and where I need him to be this week. Hubby should be going back up to camp on Friday, maybe he will even go up tomorrow. We will see.

Angel and I have had some nice 'mother-daughter' time and fun watching movies together and staying up late. It has been fun. We get along so nicely most of the time. She is a lot of fun and cracks me up- she is very funny! She is also so talented with music. She has written several songs and they are really beautiful. She wrote a song last night and she sang it for me. It is beautiful also. It is called "Come Back" and I am truly impressed with her and her desire to write and sing.

Well I am going to go for now. I have a bunch of little things to do, like transfer the laundry, do the dishes and general pickup and make sure the front garden is watered.

See ya later,


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday - Come and Gone

Well it has been another productive day outside. I am now putting my feet up and writing a quick entry. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv I finished moving the last garden box into the new garden area. And put in the fence posts for the fence trellis I am putting in. I got the fencing cut and temporarily attached to the metal post. I do need to cut the PVC pipe extensions so that the fencing can be attached at both the top and the bottom. But that's for tomorrow. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I also built a gate for the pool area. It is now much easier to get in and out of the pool. I have a few more things to do in the pool corner, and hopefully I can get them done Friday, tomorrow.
I also made screen skimmers for the pool, one is broken already, however I know I can fix it. I had to deal with the Landscape Warranty guy today. It was an easy deal. Hopefully we can get all our issues taken care of.
My Mom and Dad dropped by for a look-see at the yard. They were impressed with the progress we have made. That made me feel really great. I love them so very much!!! It is so awesome to be 48 years old and be so very close to my parents. They are my best friends.
Dear Hubby went back to work tonight after having four nights off in a row. It was hard to have him leave. Only a few more months and he will be able to be home full time. I can't wait!
I have taken a couple of breaks today to study and read more than I have been. So today was a learning day. I enjoyed that very much. I was reading up on Blueberries and their nutritional components. They are a very beneficial fruit, for a common fruit. Thank heavens I am now taking my Acai + 19 other fruits blended together in a delicious and convenient juice. I know that for certain that my family is getting at least the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Most days we are getting between 7 and 13 servings. That is so beneficial to me and my family.
We are certainly all feeling more healthy. Energy is higher. Cravings for sugar and garbage food is lessening. Desire for cool water is greater (and mine was already high). Food related acne is clearing up. Over-exerted tire muscles don't lay me up the next day. I have not had my brain farts cured or my mild dyslexia, or even any of my other so called diseases cured, but that's OK. I was never told that our fruit juice could cure anything. I was just told that some health issues may straighten themselves out with the proper ingestion of good nutrition in my diet.
Well going to go for now. Have a great day!!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Legend of the Starfish Revisited

I love the story of the Starfish! It is one of my all time favorites.

The little boy running up and down the coastline, throwing starfish back into the life giving ocean water. He knows he cannot save them all, but he dilegently picks up the next one and tosses it towards the waterline. The old man tells the boy that he can not make a difference, because the boy can not save all the starfish stranded on the beach. The message given to us by this young boy is so full of truth- "it made a difference to that one!"

If I can make a difference in this world, it will be one person at a time. And it will make a difference to 'that one' person.

I had a thought about the story. I imagine that the stranded starfish lay on the beach, even though they struggle, the starfish do not have the capacity to get themselves to the waters of the receding tide. I wish I knew more about this struggle and maybe I will try and Google it. I would have to believe that a few of these stranded starfish actually find a way to survive until the tide water returns. They are the survivors, the ones that endure to the end. They take charge of their lives and do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. They are the builders and the winners.

Now I also for some reason started to think about the whales that we hear about every now and then, that get stranded on a beach. They are determined to go a certain direction, even though that direction is clearly not an ideal pathway. For some reason they get lost and when found near the beach, they try to overcome the obstacle. However the beach is one of those obstacles that a whale can not conquer.

They must do PDCA. (Plan, Do, Check & Adjust) They already planned their travel path. They were doing what they planned. Now they hit an obstacle and need to check to see if they are getting the desired results. No, the obstacle is too large to overcome. So they need to adjust their plan. They need to choose a new path. Then if they continue to Plan, Do, Check and Adjust they should reach their goal.

The whales for some reason will not take no for an answer. Sometimes in life that is a great personal trait, but we must also check out why the no is being said. If the no is for a good reason all we have to do is adjust our plan and do it again. Isn't life interesting? We can learn from almost everything we see, hear and are exposed to. We are truly blessed by our creator.

I thank my Heavenly Father for all that he has blessed me with. For my family, especially my wonderful parents. I am grateful for my awesome husband and our two very unique children. I am so grateful to be alive in this day and age of the world. It is such an amazing time. I am so grateful for the ability I have to serve others. I love to help people all the time. I know I fall short often, but I am trying to 'see a need and fill that need' whenever I can.

Please take time to reflect on your blessings and pray to be a tool to help the Lord bless others.

My love goes out to all of my blog readers. (Thanks to all 2 of you for reading my stuff!)


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Monday, July 7, 2008

Outside Yard Work Today

So now we have a temporary fence around the pool. So along with the pool cover and the fence there should be no accidents in our yard. Oh boy, that was a knock on wood statement. Done, knocking on wood that is.

The front tomato plants have wooden stakes for support. The stakes are short, but will do for at least a couple of weeks. Then I may have to re-address them. Notice the green toms on the plant in the planter made from a recycled homemade ice cream bucket.

The fence was cut and the stakes and pvc purchased for the back garden trellis. I received too much sun Saturday and then added to it today, so I will attempt to do the trellis fence tomorrow. I also need to dig in one more garden box, including the brick frame work. That will be work and so I will also attempt to do that tomorrow.

There are some crates that are stacked and hopefully are abandoned nearby. If that is so, then I will use them for the temporary floating deck base. Then get 6 ton or so of gravel in here and finish covering up the clay mess we are surrounded with. Then we will be ok for this year at least.

Here behind the green squash leaves is the pile of grass clippings. I have been having Pilot and Hubby dump the clippings behind the garden boxes for two reasons. First, so I can add mulch as often as I need to. Second to build up a base so that I can walk behind the boxes. The clay is so awful behind the boxes and the clippings keep me from sinking into the gluey suctiony concretey mess.
I do need to have some dirt moved and tidy up my berms, kill some more weeds, pull some more weeds, and some other misc stuff, but for the most part, I am done with big projects for the outside for this year.

Here is the front view of the house. Things are looking a little better than they were a couple of months ago. I still need rocks for my planters, as well as to install the last few bricks and the cap stones. But I feel pretty good about our progress.

It is fun to see that we have several green tomatoes growing. The green peppers are nearly ready to flower. The squashes are flowering and the melons should be soon. My miniature roses that have lived in the kitchen for over a year, finally have a home outside the front porch. Well needless to say, all is coming along just fine. Next year should be a breeze in getting the garden in on time and more flowers planted and such.
Oh the lilac tree is doing fantastic. It is the green in the center of the photo. The other 'greens' are healthy weeds! They flourished while we were in Phoenix and we have not conquered them yet. They do look pretty and green now, but soon they will become fully ugly weeds. I will have to address them in the next few days.

The kids are out in the pool. It is about 80 degrees today. I hope it will get around 85 to 90 on it's own. But maybe I will get a solar water heater built this year. I had forgotten about that project. We will just have to wait and see.

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July 6th, 2008

Wow! Time is just flying by faster and faster each day. It is hard to believe that the first week of July is almost over! Life is in full swing and hurrying by very quickly.

My garden this year is going great. Although it was not put in until mid June. However, there are tomatoes on some of the plants. Plenty of blossoms and green growth. The melons and squashes look wonderful, and have blossoms beginning. I am going to help pollinate all the blossoms tomorrow.

We got the pool up to the best of our ability yesterday. We only have to complete the safety fence tomorrow. It is only a temporary set up, because I have decided that I can not work on the yard all summer. It is time to focus on the house again and our business.

I am trying to decide about the sand and gravel deliveries. If I wait until next year, I may not be able to have the material delivered to the back and side yard. I hope that the lot to our west remains unbuilt on, but surely it will be developed in the next few months or year.

I also need to build a garden trellis for the garden boxes. And I need to decided how to handle the tomatoes in the front of the house. Then I need to de-weed the clay areas and get them graveled or covered to prevent the horrible mess the muddy clay plays on our shoes.

Besides working outside tomorrow, I have a bunch of work in the business to do. We have a few goals to accomplish this month with our SuperFood Business.

Well got to go right now. Good night.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home Again

Our Business Meetings were Awesome!!

We had the best time at our meetings and on our trip as a whole. The family got along very well and everyone was accommodating and kind for the most part.

The kids went to Saturday mornings session and both were bored, but they did get to meet Chris and Teri Brady and get their autographs. That was worth it they both said.

Being with our upline was fantastic as usual. Photo-man and Triathalon-gal have so much knowledge and passion about people and desire to help us succeed. It is awesome to have them as our best friends in leadership!!

What blessings we have by being acquainted with them!!

Well I wanted to let you know that we are home. I will try to get back soon and put more information on here.

The Acai Super Food Juice is still doing it's goodness on me and my loved ones. We are all seeing improvements in our state of health. Myself, Dear Hubby, the kids, My Dad, My Mother-in-Law and loads of others. We feel better and know that getting our daily dose of fruits is beginning to make a difference in our overall health. My knowledge that the juice is a very wonderful product makes my job of marketing the juice so much easier. I love being in the marketing aspect of this great product. The best thing is that anyone who desires a little (or a lot) of extra money can join me and market the product too.

We are making enough to pay for our monthly product and almost all our gasoline money. Remember Dear Hubby uses a lot of gasoline! So this is good news. This is a team effort and so we each can help the other earn money. The money comes from the profits of the Super Food sales. Instead of going to a marketing and sales department alone, it is paid to distributors who do the marketing and sales.

The product is wonderful, but the best part of the business is helping other people feel better through the use of the product and at the same time helping them make money and getting a group of people associating with each other that have like values and standards who can make a difference in the world today. We all need to hang with people we feel our best around.

OK, time to go for now. I have other things to do. Have a good day. And I will be back soon.


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