Monday, July 7, 2008

Outside Yard Work Today

So now we have a temporary fence around the pool. So along with the pool cover and the fence there should be no accidents in our yard. Oh boy, that was a knock on wood statement. Done, knocking on wood that is.

The front tomato plants have wooden stakes for support. The stakes are short, but will do for at least a couple of weeks. Then I may have to re-address them. Notice the green toms on the plant in the planter made from a recycled homemade ice cream bucket.

The fence was cut and the stakes and pvc purchased for the back garden trellis. I received too much sun Saturday and then added to it today, so I will attempt to do the trellis fence tomorrow. I also need to dig in one more garden box, including the brick frame work. That will be work and so I will also attempt to do that tomorrow.

There are some crates that are stacked and hopefully are abandoned nearby. If that is so, then I will use them for the temporary floating deck base. Then get 6 ton or so of gravel in here and finish covering up the clay mess we are surrounded with. Then we will be ok for this year at least.

Here behind the green squash leaves is the pile of grass clippings. I have been having Pilot and Hubby dump the clippings behind the garden boxes for two reasons. First, so I can add mulch as often as I need to. Second to build up a base so that I can walk behind the boxes. The clay is so awful behind the boxes and the clippings keep me from sinking into the gluey suctiony concretey mess.
I do need to have some dirt moved and tidy up my berms, kill some more weeds, pull some more weeds, and some other misc stuff, but for the most part, I am done with big projects for the outside for this year.

Here is the front view of the house. Things are looking a little better than they were a couple of months ago. I still need rocks for my planters, as well as to install the last few bricks and the cap stones. But I feel pretty good about our progress.

It is fun to see that we have several green tomatoes growing. The green peppers are nearly ready to flower. The squashes are flowering and the melons should be soon. My miniature roses that have lived in the kitchen for over a year, finally have a home outside the front porch. Well needless to say, all is coming along just fine. Next year should be a breeze in getting the garden in on time and more flowers planted and such.
Oh the lilac tree is doing fantastic. It is the green in the center of the photo. The other 'greens' are healthy weeds! They flourished while we were in Phoenix and we have not conquered them yet. They do look pretty and green now, but soon they will become fully ugly weeds. I will have to address them in the next few days.

The kids are out in the pool. It is about 80 degrees today. I hope it will get around 85 to 90 on it's own. But maybe I will get a solar water heater built this year. I had forgotten about that project. We will just have to wait and see.

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