Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Interesting Encounter

Pilot, Hubby and I made a trip up to IKEA today. We are going to use some sheets for our ceiling and walls in the basement office. I didn't have enough white sheets to do the whole area, so we headed up to get some $1.99 twins sheets. They are the least expensive we could find. $2.00 a flat sheet is a good price around here.

We made it through the IKEA store without putting anything else in our basket. But believe me, this was extremely very hard for me to do! If I need anything else from IKEA and I do not have to be there, I will send Hubby without me. I don't know if I could do anymore shopping there without getting a lot of things 'I need'- things I didn't know I needed until I saw them there!!

As we were waiting in the checkout line, I noticed this really beautiful woman in the isle next to us. I was sure she was a friend of the family. She looked very familiar, so I went over and asked if her last name was "S". She said she was and she said are you a "S"? So we told each other our married names and asked about each others families.

She is the youngest daughter of my Dad's hunting partner and friend of nearly 50 years. It was fun to see her. Our families have contact quite often with business and church, but I have not seen her for several years. She is so pretty and sweet. I was able to meet her husband again and their darling youngest boy.

I so love to see my old friends! This world is full of wonderful people that I know. It is fun to wonder why we would intersect like we did today.

I also received a forwarded e-mail from my mom not too long ago that came from my Aunt and Uncle who are in Norway serving another mission for our church. The e-mail has contact information for a friend of mine who I met while I was on a Church Mission to Norway, 24 years ago. This was so awesome. I have since sent her an e-mail and am anxiously awaiting her reply.

The Lord is blessing me with these opportunities to be in touch with friends and finally I am responding. I hope to remember to stay in contact better than I have for the last while.

I am thankful for my blessings.

Check back soon, who knows who I'll run into next.


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