Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home Again

Our Business Meetings were Awesome!!

We had the best time at our meetings and on our trip as a whole. The family got along very well and everyone was accommodating and kind for the most part.

The kids went to Saturday mornings session and both were bored, but they did get to meet Chris and Teri Brady and get their autographs. That was worth it they both said.

Being with our upline was fantastic as usual. Photo-man and Triathalon-gal have so much knowledge and passion about people and desire to help us succeed. It is awesome to have them as our best friends in leadership!!

What blessings we have by being acquainted with them!!

Well I wanted to let you know that we are home. I will try to get back soon and put more information on here.

The Acai Super Food Juice is still doing it's goodness on me and my loved ones. We are all seeing improvements in our state of health. Myself, Dear Hubby, the kids, My Dad, My Mother-in-Law and loads of others. We feel better and know that getting our daily dose of fruits is beginning to make a difference in our overall health. My knowledge that the juice is a very wonderful product makes my job of marketing the juice so much easier. I love being in the marketing aspect of this great product. The best thing is that anyone who desires a little (or a lot) of extra money can join me and market the product too.

We are making enough to pay for our monthly product and almost all our gasoline money. Remember Dear Hubby uses a lot of gasoline! So this is good news. This is a team effort and so we each can help the other earn money. The money comes from the profits of the Super Food sales. Instead of going to a marketing and sales department alone, it is paid to distributors who do the marketing and sales.

The product is wonderful, but the best part of the business is helping other people feel better through the use of the product and at the same time helping them make money and getting a group of people associating with each other that have like values and standards who can make a difference in the world today. We all need to hang with people we feel our best around.

OK, time to go for now. I have other things to do. Have a good day. And I will be back soon.


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