Friday, June 27, 2008

Out Of Town Again


Now where is the Sharinskishe Family?

What a life we are experiencing! The family left Saratoga on Monday about 11 am and headed for Vegas. The ride was comfortable as we were in our own vehicle. I do love having the Expedition, it is a really nice ride.

We traveled safely and on time to Circus Circus. However, I decided and then the family agreed with me, that we wanted to stay at the Stratosphere again. It has become our favorite hotel. We were able to cancel our Circus reservations and booked at Stratosphere and drove over there. The rooms there are really nice and comfortable. The bathroom we had was huge, roomy. We like their pool and the atmosphere.

We went to the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus on Tuesday and the kids had a blast. This year Rachael was tall enough to do everything and anything she wanted. The kids went part of the time by themselves, which was fun for them and for us. I went on 3 rides before I was so nauseous that I could not do any more. Dear Hubby went with the kids on lots of rides and seemed to fair just fine.

Angel was very adventurous and went on some rides that went upside down and it shocked me that she would go not once but several times. Pilot was just as adventurous and he amazed me too. I was to the point that just watching them on some of the rides made me want to upchuck! But overall it was so much fun!!

I was so astonished at the stamina I had. I was not exhausted like I always have gotten. I was able to walk around and stand for long periods of time. I know that the antioxidant juice we are consuming is really making a difference in the quality of life I am having.

Last time we were in Vegas, I was too exhausted to walk to the Stratosphere tower and go to the top. This year, no sweat!! It was awesome- both the view and the healthy feeling I had as I was doing the experience. If you want to know more about what we are doing for our renewed health, please click here to go to our business website.

The only thing that has really changed for this trip is the consistant drinking of the Acai Super Food Juice. I have not exercised for about a month. My knees and right shoulder have been extremely painful as of late, so I cut back on the intensity of the exercise at first. And then I stopped altogether when I hurt my elbow carrying bricks for the backyard. (somewhere during the movement of the 500 bricks) So, I basically have put the exercise on hold as I evaluate my next move.

I plan on taking the time to schedule my life out- I have an exercise ball and finally found it and so when we get home, I want to learn how to use it. I also would like to go swimming more and do some pool aerobics to help get me down to a weight that my joints can handle.

I am not good at focusing on more than one thing at a time. So I have got to organize my life to where it is doable for me.

OK, so we left Las Vegas after a very wonderful time and headed for Phoenix. What a great drive. I watched 3:10 to Yuma and found it a very well done show. The kids were great and the ride was safe and smooth.

Our hotel in Phoenix is fabulous. The Embassy Suites has been a tremendous place to stay. I wish all hotels were as nice. The bathroom is small, just toilet and tub size, but the two room suite is roomy and liveable. To double beds and a sofa bed. Just right for mom,dad and the two kids. Two TV's. Nice and yucky at the same time.

The courtyard houses trees with shade and a lovely pool. The glass elevators are fun and stylish. We are on the second floor and our friends, Photo-man and Triathalon-gal are on the fourth floor. Their included breakfasts have been fantastic. The managers reception was great. The staff have been helpful and like family friends. They have made our stay really nice.

Pilot and Hubby are off to see the Flying Museum in Mesa. Angel and I are heading to the pool. I am sunburned, bad but not hurtfull. However Angel wants me in the water, so I will have to wear a shirt or I will really be in trouble. Wearing a shirt is ok, but I did not bring a shirt for the pool and I don't know what to wear yet. Maybe I will have to steal one of Hubby's. (don't tell him!)

Our Business Meetings start this afernoon and tonight. I can't wait to learn some more things. I love to learn and our Leadership meetings are so full of things to learn. Well got to go swimming now. I think I have got us caught up. We just got internet last night and this is the first chance I have had to write about our trip. So see you later.


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