Sunday, June 1, 2008

End of School - Gifts for Teachers

Mr Lemen is Pilot's band teacher. Mr Lemen has done an excellent job with Ryan and his other students this past year. In honor and with THANKS, we created these Star Cookies with a musical theme. I sure hope he enjoyed them.

Pilot's English and Advisory teacher was Mrs. Peterson. She was so very good with him. Never gave into him but was firm and he learned so much from her. So we made her this 'Chocolate' Candy Flower Bouquet. She was thrilled to receive it. We THANK you Mrs. Peterson for all you have done for us this year.

Angel loved her 5th grade teacher this year. Mrs. Mullinax was back teaching after a 13 year hiatus raising her family. She was sooooo wonderful. All her students just love/d her. They did not want the year to end. She is very special, kind, empathic and loves these kids unconditionally. We Thank you for taking care of Angel this year and helping her to learn so much and appreciate reading to a higher level. You are Awesome!!! This is the bouquet of silk roses and candy flowers that we made for her.

Angel also worked with me to make this bouquet for her bus driver. Micah was so kind and took good care of the kids she bussed. She kept order and control which is hard to do these days.

I had so much fun creating these candy flowers. I had lots of inspiration, so thanks to all the creative people that helped us make these. It was both fun and beautiful. They looked too good to give away, but those we made them for really deserved them. Angel said her bus driver liked Twix bars so we created flowers from two mini twix's. Then the rose buds were two styles. The first bud was from a rolo and a hershey kiss. The second bud was two kisses. I like both styles. The leaves were mini milky ways, snickers and musketeers. I used red and green plastic wrap, bamboo skewers and floral tape. The vases were recycled green olive jars filled with regular m&m's to act as marbles to add both color and a place to stick the skewers. Then the jars were wrapped in plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon. They really turned out cute.

The cookies were star shaped for the Star Band Teacher. It was a ready made kit, not that I like them, but for his safety we used the kit. Not that I would poison him, but maybe he would think I would!! Pilot wanted me to make a drum set and a clarinet, but I came up with the written music idea, as it was easier to make. The stanza is made with shoestring licorice, black would have been better, but I had red in the house on hand for another project. The mini m&m's were fun and the dark treble and note tops were melted chocolate. They came together fast and I think thy are adorable. Thanks!!!

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