Friday, February 27, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday February 27

My own kids are now 11 and 13, a girl and a boy. Our needs and interests are different than those of you with younger kids. But sometimes activities can be universal.

One thing I think is fun is to make pizza, individuals ones. We made pizza last night and I tried a new dough recipe. Everyone liked the dough. I did have to improvise the pizza sauce though.

So this is what we did. Pizza - Sorry it doesn't look so great. This photo was taken the next day before we reheated it!

Pizza Dough


  • 1 (1/4 ounce) package yeast
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
I threw all of this into the breadmaker and sprinkled in some Italian Seasoning, Oregano and a bit of sugar. I was going to add salt and forgot. It needed the little bit of salt. I think I could have left out the sugar. You may have to adjust the flour depending on humidity and such, but just make a nice soft, non-sticky dough.

I let it rest/rise for 20 mins and then cut it in half. I made two 12 inch pizzas from this recipe. I made each pizza on a baking sheet on my pizza peel so I could slide it off onto the preheated pizza stone.

For the Sauce:

I mixed 1 small can of Tomato paste with a 1/2 can of spaghetti sauce with meat, and added a sprinkle of Italian Seasoning.

To make the pizzas, we just shaped the dough into rounds, added the sauce, put on cheese, pepporoni and mushrooms.

I baked them for 14 mins at 400 degrees F. This you will have to watch and decide for yourself if the pizza is done.

I also rolled mozzarella into the pizza edge. We can buy what we call 'mozz worms' from our local Smith's deli case. That tasty good too.

If you have more toppings on hand, diced ham, cooked ground beef or sausage, olives, vegies, pineapple, etc. everyone can make what they like. You should be able to make 3 or 4 personal pizzas out of this. I got 2 medium to large sized out of it.

Please comment or e-mail me if you have any questions.



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Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Aloha Friday # 1 - Friday February 27th

Welcome to my Blog
An Island Life's weekly edition of

I'm feeling quite silly right now so my question is for fun. I hope you have some fun answers!

My question for you is:

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

Please respond in my comments area below. Thanks so much for participating!!!

Here is my answer:

It just seems silly to me. When I fly, I bring my own parachute.

OK, not really, but I have thought about it. I am sure I could make one in a pinch.

Let's see a bit of duct tape, an emergency blanket, my yarn* from the crochet or knitting project I began 20 years ago. Ahhhh, I know I could do it.............................

*(when I travel, I usually grab an old project thinking**
I will have plenty of time to work on it and maybe even finish it!)
** (yes, thinking is something that is dangerous for me)

**This Silly Distraction with Shari goes very well with this Aloha Friday**

February 27, 2009

Woman Saves Crashing Plane with Homemade Parachute

::Over The Ocean Government News reporting:: Sharinskishe made World Headlines today because of her part in the safe landing of Flight N237Q originating in Saratoga Springs, Utah heading for Laie, Hawaii.

“All of the sudden we were in trouble,” Sharinskie said. “I knew something was wrong right away. And then the Captain came on the radio and said the plane had lost power and we were plummeting to the Ocean below. He told us to brace for the crash landing.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I did not hear anything else because my brain and hands were taking over.”

She explained that she just grabbed her bag and pulled out a space blanket, some duct tape and some yarn. “I always grab a project that I need to finish when I travel. So there was the yarn, or the strings I needed,” she said. She then took the items and crafted a parachute. Then with the help of the other passengers and crew they attached the parachute to the plane using the emergency exits.

“It is truly amazing that this worked,” exclaimed the pilot, a twenty year veteran. “I remember making these kind of toys as a kid and not having all that much success with them. But I am sure glad she tried it today. And got the balance parts correct.”

We asked Sharinskishe how she felt about being a hero. “I am not a hero, the other passengers and crew are. They supported my idea and we all ran with it. Without them, well, I could never have done it myself...” she said. “I am just glad everything went so well, you know, no one was injured and such.”

Because of the safe landing, many of the passengers found a silver lining in the experience. “I pulled my seat flotation device out and jumped from the plane’s wing. I was body surfing, I mean, seat flotation surfing and soon a lot of people were joining in the fun.” Said one of the unidentified passengers, who was dripping wet but smiling.

No word yet on why the plane lost power, but we are happy to report that it was a safe landing and no lives were lost.

**However, due to the use of non-approved parachute material, Sharinskishe is now under investigation for material fraud. Name fraud as well. Calling her 'make do' item a parachute is in violation with the new Politically Correctness Law. Using a space blanket as a chute is in violation with the Material Suggested Use Law. No charges have been filed. But then the Government does take it's time.

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Have an 'easy' Friday and a wonderful weekend !!!


It is a Windy Day Today

Well it is a warm wind. It is 58 degrees outside and sunny for the most part. Wind chill is a factor. But the kids don't care. Not too bad and the neighborhood kids are all out having fun. I just hope they stay out of the mud!

Tomorrow it is supposed to snow and rain northward. Here at home we might get a little wet, but we are not supposed to get any real accumulation. I sure hope we don't. I am ready for spring.

Hubby is gone for business, so that means that Angel will be picked up by the neighbors to go to the bus. Thank heavens for the good neighbor kids, even if they are nearly all boys.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pilot is Released From the Brace!

Today Pilot had his last (unless there is a problem) appointment with Dr. Curtis concerning his broken hand. Dr. Curtis told him he was healing really well and on schedule. You can still see a fracture line on one of the bones, but it is nearly healed. It has only been 6 weeks since surgery so with a bit more time, the bone will heal completely.

Dr. Curtis said Pilot must be doing all the right things. He is happy with the motion Pilot can do. And did not put any restrictions on him. He just told him that he must be careful and not rush into things. But that he can begin to do anything and everything. He should stop or take it easy if he gets real pain.

He only has to wear his brace when he is outside or if he is doing anything physical with his hand. He still needs the support for a couple of more weeks. After March 21, Pilot should be able to go all the time without wearing his brace. He is so excited to see that day come. He is planning a bonfire for March 21 to burn the hated brace. I will try to talk him into keeping it for a few months, just in case he re-injuries his hand. The custom brace would come in handy. We will see.

His scar is so cool. But it is hard for me to see. I then feel bad that my baby had to have surgery and have his skin marked up for life.

Sorry there are no photo's of the x-ray, but Pilot and Hubby without me and they both forgot. No big deal, except I wanted it. I can get it later if I still want it. Hubby says it looks just like the last one. But I know I would see a difference! he....hee.....heeee.....heeeeeee !


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy

This was the subject that was given to our speakers in our Church today. It is such a good subject. I loved the subject. I wish I would be better on keeping the Sabbath day holy. I believe I can do some changes and little by little become a better person, mother and wife.

The great thing about this subject and the family who spoke on it was that it was done so well. Sometimes what one person feels is a good Sunday activity another person may feel that the activity is inappropriate. Our neighbors who spoke, were so good to tell us that we must choose for ourselves what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

There are some really obvious things like shopping on Sunday for things we could buy at another time. This of course would not be in keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. On the other hand, doing work may be appropriate. Such as in the scriptures we are asked by Jesus, if your oxen were stuck in the mud, would you leave it there until Monday to rescue it? If your house was flooding on Sunday would you wait until Monday to stop the water and clean up? I certainly would not.

For some families playing games is a way to build memories and strengthen our relationships. For other families playing games could be destructive and too boisterous. The great thing is that if we are in tune to the teachings of our prophets and use our scriptures, we can find the answers to our questions concerning if something is appropriate for ourselves. We can use prayer and expect that the Lord will answer us and help us keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

I do not always choose the best ways to keep the Sabbath Holy. I know I can do better. Thank Heavens I have the knowledge that I can repent and do better.


Back from Layton

Well we ended up staying the whole week with Hubby/Dad in Layton. He worked by day and spent the evenings with us in the Hotel. We had a great time.

It was a good break and gave me time to adjust to the change of Hubby's new job and schedule. I was able to reflect on the times he has spent traveling on the job away from us. And even though I do not want him to work away from us, I was able to come to terms that this job is decent and at least it is work. Jobs are hard to come by right now and since Hubby's knee injury caused him to lose his last job, he was able to get work right away. I have to give him credit for finding work. Even if the job is not totally the best for our family, we can do it for a while.

So we went swimming when we could. They were working on the pool and it was closed two days. One day when they re-opened it, the water was very cold. The next day it was closed and finally on Thursday it was warm again. We really enjoyed the warm water.

Then on Friday I took the kids to Hill Air Force Base to the Aerospace Museum. I let them go in by themselves because I was not feeling very good at all. I was having many issues this past week, most issues were probably caused by not taking enough medication for the whole week. I was not planning on staying all week, and I thought that if I took enough meds for the week I would be more likely to stay all week. But I made some really off the cuff decisions and we ended up staying all week. Anyway, the kids wanted to go to the interactive room and they knew the way and so I let them go by themselves. It is sure nice that they are growing up and getting more mature every day. They of course had their communications devices and so we were in constant contact and I had little fear for their safety.

Saturday morning about 2:20am, Pilot decided he wanted to have the benefits of the stomach flu and therefor began several hours of misery for himself and the rest of us. He only had the 24 hour bug as well, but boy that flu bug hit hard and wiped him out, just like it did Angel earlier.

We left the hotel about 11:30am and even though Pilot was still miserable, we made it to the shop to pickup Hubby and let him drive us the rest of the way home. I also was stricken with some of the flu symptoms. I had a miserable headache and unsettled stomach. Driving was very miserable and I was so glad to see Hubby in the Le Bus's parking lot ready to take over the drivers position.

It felt so good to be home!!!! Pilot went to bed. Hubby took a shower because he had to be back to work in an hour. Angel went to her room to sing and read. I took a motrin 800 and went to sleep. By evening Pilot and I were both feeling much better. I was eager for sleep about 8pm and Pilot went to sleep an hour or so later. Angel took care of herself also. I am blessed to have good children and I am proud of them. They can take really good care of themselves, each other and me when they need to. Thanks kids!!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Layton called and we came

Saturday night we, myself, Pilot and Angel, resigned ourselves that we would not be able to go part time with Hubby as he went to Layton to do a Le Bus assignment. However, at the very last minute, like at 8 pm Saturday night, I got this call from Hubby and by 9 pm we were on our way to Layton for the weekend.

However, we had such a nice time being able to be with Hubby/Dad in the evening on Sunday that when it came time to leave Monday afternoon I made the call to stay one more day. So I talked Angel into missing one day of school and promised that we would leave Tuesday afternoon for home.

Tuesday morning at 4:40am came and Angel decided to have the throw up stomach flu. I would have kept her home from school anyway, so I am glad that we decided to stay with Hubby. He helped a lot with her being sick as did the hotel staff. It was actually quite comforting that they helped so much that all I really had to do was take care of her. It was very nice.

By Wednesday morning Angel was feeling better but I would not have sent her to school yet. So I believe that staying in Layton turned out to be a good thing. The snow was heavy up here also. I, along with my semi voting kids, decided that we would finish the week with hubby instead of going home. So Angel will have to make up her schoolwork, but we are both confident that she can do it.

Pilot on the other hand can still take his work with him all the time and is still not an issue if we make plans at the last minute to take a vacation.

Well, going for now.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

!!!  H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E' S D A Y  !!!

Of course it is Friday and Today is the day the kids at the Brick and Mortar schools are celebrating Valentines Day. So in my desire to be crafty, I helped Angel make flowers for her teachers and bus driver.

Here are this years version of the candy flowers. They are definitely not as elaborate as the end of the year bouquets we made last spring. But the flower heads themselves are the best yet, so we believe.

Here is our Valentines Flowers:
This year I used chocolate hearts to make the flowers.  These are Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, heart shaped Valentine Candy.  Then the leaves are made from Twix, long skinny Tootsie Rolls and Whopper mini packs.
 Angel was  not in to the photo opp this morning.  This is all three 'gifts' held like a bouquet.
 Still not exactly overexcited.  It looks like a put on smile to me.  
However, Angel is still my beautiful daughter.
This duo has Twix for the leaves, because the person getting this one loves Twix.
 Here is Angel's sack with all her Valentines for all 29 kids.  She has a small class this year.
 Here is just another look, view of the flowers.
And one final view of the flowers.  They were fun, and we think they look really nice.

This one below is from last year, we added silk roses for Angel's favorite 5th grade teacher.
**click here and you will see my blog page with the other photos of the Spring- school's out bouquets.


Pilot's New Brace

So, the reason the brace photos did not upload, was because they were not on my phone.  They were on Hubby's phone!  So here are the rest of the photos from Wednesdays adventure:

Ooooops!  This is not one of those photos!  
Pilot took this photo and was very proud of the way the moon was shining on the lake.
Here are Pilot's photos:
  Here they have put the 'sock' on his hand and wrist.
 Here they are forming the custom brace material to his hand and wrist.
 Here they wrap the brace with a bandage to let it set/harden/cool in the correct form. 
(I am guessing as I was not there for these steps!)
 Now that it is set:
 They remove the bandage and adhere Velcro to the form.  
Here they have put the large lower one on and then test them for fit.
 Here they have added the one that goes around the hand.
Here he has the finger strap and it is all done.  He now has a custom fit brace 
that he can remove when he does his exercises and takes a shower.
 Pilot took this photo at home, himself.
 This photo shows how he was showing off his scar to all his friends at a church activity Wednesday night.
 Yes, this scar will do.  
Look at the tract holes along the line.  Maybe mom should call me Tracks!
Awesome scar.  Thanks!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Etsy Welcome Page

This is what I wanted my Etsy shoppe front page to look like, but they don't allow us to use Html and make choose our own font and size, etc.


Happy Valentines Day !!
~~ I will consider shipping outside the US,
convo me if you would like me to check into
the cost for International shipping ~~


If you see something you would like and want it more custom, such as color or size, etc, please convo me and we can make a deal.


Everything is handcrafted with a lot of TLC. I have a pet free, smoke free home and look for pet free, smoke free materials.


I am experimenting with Polymer Clay and doing a lot of Research and Development. I am offering these R&R items at a discount and hope you can find a use for them. Check out my Research and Development Sale section (RnD Sale Items) for these items.

Some of these Trial Items from my Research and Development work may be sent with regular orders as 'Tag-A-Longs'. If you receive a note asking for your response, please follow the instructions on the card. Thanks so much for your help.


It is my goal and purpose to make a quality product.
If you feel that the product you have purchase is not the quality you desired, please let me know and I will work with you to make the transaction right. Please contact me and let's together work out a Win-Win solution to your concern. Please communicate!!


My polymer clay items are very stable, however they may crack or break if mistreated- dropped, thrown, stepped on, etc. They are also not waterproof or resistant. My advise is to remove jewelry, beads, before washing or physical activity, just as you would do for most jewelry. Some items come without a finish applied and will so state in the item description. If you want a finish applied please convo me.

Please check back often.

I hope to have an abundance of items here within a few months. I have lots of crafts that I have made that are in storage and have just been waiting for me to join Etsy so that they can be showcased!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!!


Cast Removed - Brace Created

Here is Pilot in the Nurses care as she performs the delicate procedure of cast removal. One slip and his arm is sliced into two!!! (Of course that is not true. The saw will not cut soft texture, it's a safety thing.)

The wonderful Steri strips that kept his hand from catching on the soft material under the cast.
Here Pilot is saying 'hi'. Or maybe it is 'see mom, no cast.'
Here Pilot is looking up to Heaven and saying his thanks that his hand is healing on schedule.
X-rays of his hand. Healing is coming along just fine. However there are still a good couple of weeks to go before he can really use his hand. Now he just needs to get the fingers moving again. No weight lifting yet.
Waiting to see the Physical Therapist and get a custom brace and exercises.

Here is one last look at the hand. Pilot removed the steri strips. The scar looks awesome! He is pleased with it. Could have been a bit bigger, but he will be OK with this.

Now, for some reason, I don't have the photos of the new brace. Maybe I forgot to download them from my phone. Oh well, maybe next post.

He is now freed from the confining cast and into the brace he has been waiting for. He can now shower without help getting his cast covered. This is a great relief for us and for him. He is supposed to wear the brace 24/7 except for showering. I am pretty sure he will adhere to the doctors directions, but then he is a boy and a teenager, so we will have to see.

He has some exercises he is to do for the next two weeks. He has been good so far to do them. He also has a lot of restrictions, so I hope he will be good. He understands the reason for the restrictions, but he is human and he came from my lineage, and therefore he may have a hard time restraining himself as he gets feeling better and better.