Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Layton called and we came

Saturday night we, myself, Pilot and Angel, resigned ourselves that we would not be able to go part time with Hubby as he went to Layton to do a Le Bus assignment. However, at the very last minute, like at 8 pm Saturday night, I got this call from Hubby and by 9 pm we were on our way to Layton for the weekend.

However, we had such a nice time being able to be with Hubby/Dad in the evening on Sunday that when it came time to leave Monday afternoon I made the call to stay one more day. So I talked Angel into missing one day of school and promised that we would leave Tuesday afternoon for home.

Tuesday morning at 4:40am came and Angel decided to have the throw up stomach flu. I would have kept her home from school anyway, so I am glad that we decided to stay with Hubby. He helped a lot with her being sick as did the hotel staff. It was actually quite comforting that they helped so much that all I really had to do was take care of her. It was very nice.

By Wednesday morning Angel was feeling better but I would not have sent her to school yet. So I believe that staying in Layton turned out to be a good thing. The snow was heavy up here also. I, along with my semi voting kids, decided that we would finish the week with hubby instead of going home. So Angel will have to make up her schoolwork, but we are both confident that she can do it.

Pilot on the other hand can still take his work with him all the time and is still not an issue if we make plans at the last minute to take a vacation.

Well, going for now.


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