Friday, February 13, 2009

Pilot's New Brace

So, the reason the brace photos did not upload, was because they were not on my phone.  They were on Hubby's phone!  So here are the rest of the photos from Wednesdays adventure:

Ooooops!  This is not one of those photos!  
Pilot took this photo and was very proud of the way the moon was shining on the lake.
Here are Pilot's photos:
  Here they have put the 'sock' on his hand and wrist.
 Here they are forming the custom brace material to his hand and wrist.
 Here they wrap the brace with a bandage to let it set/harden/cool in the correct form. 
(I am guessing as I was not there for these steps!)
 Now that it is set:
 They remove the bandage and adhere Velcro to the form.  
Here they have put the large lower one on and then test them for fit.
 Here they have added the one that goes around the hand.
Here he has the finger strap and it is all done.  He now has a custom fit brace 
that he can remove when he does his exercises and takes a shower.
 Pilot took this photo at home, himself.
 This photo shows how he was showing off his scar to all his friends at a church activity Wednesday night.
 Yes, this scar will do.  
Look at the tract holes along the line.  Maybe mom should call me Tracks!
Awesome scar.  Thanks!!

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