Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pilot is Released From the Brace!

Today Pilot had his last (unless there is a problem) appointment with Dr. Curtis concerning his broken hand. Dr. Curtis told him he was healing really well and on schedule. You can still see a fracture line on one of the bones, but it is nearly healed. It has only been 6 weeks since surgery so with a bit more time, the bone will heal completely.

Dr. Curtis said Pilot must be doing all the right things. He is happy with the motion Pilot can do. And did not put any restrictions on him. He just told him that he must be careful and not rush into things. But that he can begin to do anything and everything. He should stop or take it easy if he gets real pain.

He only has to wear his brace when he is outside or if he is doing anything physical with his hand. He still needs the support for a couple of more weeks. After March 21, Pilot should be able to go all the time without wearing his brace. He is so excited to see that day come. He is planning a bonfire for March 21 to burn the hated brace. I will try to talk him into keeping it for a few months, just in case he re-injuries his hand. The custom brace would come in handy. We will see.

His scar is so cool. But it is hard for me to see. I then feel bad that my baby had to have surgery and have his skin marked up for life.

Sorry there are no photo's of the x-ray, but Pilot and Hubby without me and they both forgot. No big deal, except I wanted it. I can get it later if I still want it. Hubby says it looks just like the last one. But I know I would see a difference! he....hee.....heeee.....heeeeeee !


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