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My Aloha Friday # 1 - Friday February 27th

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I'm feeling quite silly right now so my question is for fun. I hope you have some fun answers!

My question for you is:

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

Please respond in my comments area below. Thanks so much for participating!!!

Here is my answer:

It just seems silly to me. When I fly, I bring my own parachute.

OK, not really, but I have thought about it. I am sure I could make one in a pinch.

Let's see a bit of duct tape, an emergency blanket, my yarn* from the crochet or knitting project I began 20 years ago. Ahhhh, I know I could do it.............................

*(when I travel, I usually grab an old project thinking**
I will have plenty of time to work on it and maybe even finish it!)
** (yes, thinking is something that is dangerous for me)

**This Silly Distraction with Shari goes very well with this Aloha Friday**

February 27, 2009

Woman Saves Crashing Plane with Homemade Parachute

::Over The Ocean Government News reporting:: Sharinskishe made World Headlines today because of her part in the safe landing of Flight N237Q originating in Saratoga Springs, Utah heading for Laie, Hawaii.

“All of the sudden we were in trouble,” Sharinskie said. “I knew something was wrong right away. And then the Captain came on the radio and said the plane had lost power and we were plummeting to the Ocean below. He told us to brace for the crash landing.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I did not hear anything else because my brain and hands were taking over.”

She explained that she just grabbed her bag and pulled out a space blanket, some duct tape and some yarn. “I always grab a project that I need to finish when I travel. So there was the yarn, or the strings I needed,” she said. She then took the items and crafted a parachute. Then with the help of the other passengers and crew they attached the parachute to the plane using the emergency exits.

“It is truly amazing that this worked,” exclaimed the pilot, a twenty year veteran. “I remember making these kind of toys as a kid and not having all that much success with them. But I am sure glad she tried it today. And got the balance parts correct.”

We asked Sharinskishe how she felt about being a hero. “I am not a hero, the other passengers and crew are. They supported my idea and we all ran with it. Without them, well, I could never have done it myself...” she said. “I am just glad everything went so well, you know, no one was injured and such.”

Because of the safe landing, many of the passengers found a silver lining in the experience. “I pulled my seat flotation device out and jumped from the plane’s wing. I was body surfing, I mean, seat flotation surfing and soon a lot of people were joining in the fun.” Said one of the unidentified passengers, who was dripping wet but smiling.

No word yet on why the plane lost power, but we are happy to report that it was a safe landing and no lives were lost.

**However, due to the use of non-approved parachute material, Sharinskishe is now under investigation for material fraud. Name fraud as well. Calling her 'make do' item a parachute is in violation with the new Politically Correctness Law. Using a space blanket as a chute is in violation with the Material Suggested Use Law. No charges have been filed. But then the Government does take it's time.

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