Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from Layton

Well we ended up staying the whole week with Hubby/Dad in Layton. He worked by day and spent the evenings with us in the Hotel. We had a great time.

It was a good break and gave me time to adjust to the change of Hubby's new job and schedule. I was able to reflect on the times he has spent traveling on the job away from us. And even though I do not want him to work away from us, I was able to come to terms that this job is decent and at least it is work. Jobs are hard to come by right now and since Hubby's knee injury caused him to lose his last job, he was able to get work right away. I have to give him credit for finding work. Even if the job is not totally the best for our family, we can do it for a while.

So we went swimming when we could. They were working on the pool and it was closed two days. One day when they re-opened it, the water was very cold. The next day it was closed and finally on Thursday it was warm again. We really enjoyed the warm water.

Then on Friday I took the kids to Hill Air Force Base to the Aerospace Museum. I let them go in by themselves because I was not feeling very good at all. I was having many issues this past week, most issues were probably caused by not taking enough medication for the whole week. I was not planning on staying all week, and I thought that if I took enough meds for the week I would be more likely to stay all week. But I made some really off the cuff decisions and we ended up staying all week. Anyway, the kids wanted to go to the interactive room and they knew the way and so I let them go by themselves. It is sure nice that they are growing up and getting more mature every day. They of course had their communications devices and so we were in constant contact and I had little fear for their safety.

Saturday morning about 2:20am, Pilot decided he wanted to have the benefits of the stomach flu and therefor began several hours of misery for himself and the rest of us. He only had the 24 hour bug as well, but boy that flu bug hit hard and wiped him out, just like it did Angel earlier.

We left the hotel about 11:30am and even though Pilot was still miserable, we made it to the shop to pickup Hubby and let him drive us the rest of the way home. I also was stricken with some of the flu symptoms. I had a miserable headache and unsettled stomach. Driving was very miserable and I was so glad to see Hubby in the Le Bus's parking lot ready to take over the drivers position.

It felt so good to be home!!!! Pilot went to bed. Hubby took a shower because he had to be back to work in an hour. Angel went to her room to sing and read. I took a motrin 800 and went to sleep. By evening Pilot and I were both feeling much better. I was eager for sleep about 8pm and Pilot went to sleep an hour or so later. Angel took care of herself also. I am blessed to have good children and I am proud of them. They can take really good care of themselves, each other and me when they need to. Thanks kids!!!!


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