Friday, June 27, 2008

Out Of Town Again


Now where is the Sharinskishe Family?

What a life we are experiencing! The family left Saratoga on Monday about 11 am and headed for Vegas. The ride was comfortable as we were in our own vehicle. I do love having the Expedition, it is a really nice ride.

We traveled safely and on time to Circus Circus. However, I decided and then the family agreed with me, that we wanted to stay at the Stratosphere again. It has become our favorite hotel. We were able to cancel our Circus reservations and booked at Stratosphere and drove over there. The rooms there are really nice and comfortable. The bathroom we had was huge, roomy. We like their pool and the atmosphere.

We went to the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus on Tuesday and the kids had a blast. This year Rachael was tall enough to do everything and anything she wanted. The kids went part of the time by themselves, which was fun for them and for us. I went on 3 rides before I was so nauseous that I could not do any more. Dear Hubby went with the kids on lots of rides and seemed to fair just fine.

Angel was very adventurous and went on some rides that went upside down and it shocked me that she would go not once but several times. Pilot was just as adventurous and he amazed me too. I was to the point that just watching them on some of the rides made me want to upchuck! But overall it was so much fun!!

I was so astonished at the stamina I had. I was not exhausted like I always have gotten. I was able to walk around and stand for long periods of time. I know that the antioxidant juice we are consuming is really making a difference in the quality of life I am having.

Last time we were in Vegas, I was too exhausted to walk to the Stratosphere tower and go to the top. This year, no sweat!! It was awesome- both the view and the healthy feeling I had as I was doing the experience. If you want to know more about what we are doing for our renewed health, please click here to go to our business website.

The only thing that has really changed for this trip is the consistant drinking of the Acai Super Food Juice. I have not exercised for about a month. My knees and right shoulder have been extremely painful as of late, so I cut back on the intensity of the exercise at first. And then I stopped altogether when I hurt my elbow carrying bricks for the backyard. (somewhere during the movement of the 500 bricks) So, I basically have put the exercise on hold as I evaluate my next move.

I plan on taking the time to schedule my life out- I have an exercise ball and finally found it and so when we get home, I want to learn how to use it. I also would like to go swimming more and do some pool aerobics to help get me down to a weight that my joints can handle.

I am not good at focusing on more than one thing at a time. So I have got to organize my life to where it is doable for me.

OK, so we left Las Vegas after a very wonderful time and headed for Phoenix. What a great drive. I watched 3:10 to Yuma and found it a very well done show. The kids were great and the ride was safe and smooth.

Our hotel in Phoenix is fabulous. The Embassy Suites has been a tremendous place to stay. I wish all hotels were as nice. The bathroom is small, just toilet and tub size, but the two room suite is roomy and liveable. To double beds and a sofa bed. Just right for mom,dad and the two kids. Two TV's. Nice and yucky at the same time.

The courtyard houses trees with shade and a lovely pool. The glass elevators are fun and stylish. We are on the second floor and our friends, Photo-man and Triathalon-gal are on the fourth floor. Their included breakfasts have been fantastic. The managers reception was great. The staff have been helpful and like family friends. They have made our stay really nice.

Pilot and Hubby are off to see the Flying Museum in Mesa. Angel and I are heading to the pool. I am sunburned, bad but not hurtfull. However Angel wants me in the water, so I will have to wear a shirt or I will really be in trouble. Wearing a shirt is ok, but I did not bring a shirt for the pool and I don't know what to wear yet. Maybe I will have to steal one of Hubby's. (don't tell him!)

Our Business Meetings start this afernoon and tonight. I can't wait to learn some more things. I love to learn and our Leadership meetings are so full of things to learn. Well got to go swimming now. I think I have got us caught up. We just got internet last night and this is the first chance I have had to write about our trip. So see you later.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where Does Time Fly To?

It seems like summer vacation just started and yet it has been more than 3 weeks since the kids got out of school.

We have had a quite enjoyable summer thus far. We have been working on the yard and it is finally coming together.

We have a blow up pool, but we have not been able to get that up yet. Too much work to be done yet. Pilot has been working really hard in the yard with me. Pilot Boy really wants the pool up, but maybe in a couple of weeks.

Angel has been busy helping too. I am amazed at how strong both my kids are. They haul brick and blocks like men!!

Pilot (with a bit of help from Angel) does a really fine job at keeping the grass mowed. I love it when he mows diagonally, it really looks terrific!!

Our small garden is coming along quite well. With the weather this spring, I have just now completed planting. So hopefully we will have a good growing season with good weather and a late warm fall.

We have tomatoes, green peppers, melons and squash. Not everything I wanted to put in this year, but because the weather was not cooperating and my yard wasn't ready, I did not plant the radishes, lettuce, beans, pumpkins, and other seeds I have on hand. Next year should be fun, as the garden boxes will be ready any time I am ready. I can start early by setting them up as cold frame boxes.

We have put in bricks and cinders around the front of the house. I am not completely finished with that but have put it on hold until I get some decorative rocks. The bark the builder put in just blows away with our wind, so I am going with gravel.

We lost one of our sweet baby kittens the other day, Garfield. (Alias Sunshine, Tuna) He apparently got in the way of a car. It was sad, but it is a fact of life. Accidents happen. We buried him and will mark his grave later this summer, along with Mousie who died earlier this spring. The other two kittens are doing fine. They are now 7 or 8 weeks old. (I don't feel like figuring it out right now.) Sundae is the little female and Twist is the larger male. They are so cute to watch. They are friendly and fun.

Well going to go for now. Have a great day!


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Sunday, June 1, 2008

End of School - Gifts for Teachers

Mr Lemen is Pilot's band teacher. Mr Lemen has done an excellent job with Ryan and his other students this past year. In honor and with THANKS, we created these Star Cookies with a musical theme. I sure hope he enjoyed them.

Pilot's English and Advisory teacher was Mrs. Peterson. She was so very good with him. Never gave into him but was firm and he learned so much from her. So we made her this 'Chocolate' Candy Flower Bouquet. She was thrilled to receive it. We THANK you Mrs. Peterson for all you have done for us this year.

Angel loved her 5th grade teacher this year. Mrs. Mullinax was back teaching after a 13 year hiatus raising her family. She was sooooo wonderful. All her students just love/d her. They did not want the year to end. She is very special, kind, empathic and loves these kids unconditionally. We Thank you for taking care of Angel this year and helping her to learn so much and appreciate reading to a higher level. You are Awesome!!! This is the bouquet of silk roses and candy flowers that we made for her.

Angel also worked with me to make this bouquet for her bus driver. Micah was so kind and took good care of the kids she bussed. She kept order and control which is hard to do these days.

I had so much fun creating these candy flowers. I had lots of inspiration, so thanks to all the creative people that helped us make these. It was both fun and beautiful. They looked too good to give away, but those we made them for really deserved them. Angel said her bus driver liked Twix bars so we created flowers from two mini twix's. Then the rose buds were two styles. The first bud was from a rolo and a hershey kiss. The second bud was two kisses. I like both styles. The leaves were mini milky ways, snickers and musketeers. I used red and green plastic wrap, bamboo skewers and floral tape. The vases were recycled green olive jars filled with regular m&m's to act as marbles to add both color and a place to stick the skewers. Then the jars were wrapped in plastic wrap and tied with a ribbon. They really turned out cute.

The cookies were star shaped for the Star Band Teacher. It was a ready made kit, not that I like them, but for his safety we used the kit. Not that I would poison him, but maybe he would think I would!! Pilot wanted me to make a drum set and a clarinet, but I came up with the written music idea, as it was easier to make. The stanza is made with shoestring licorice, black would have been better, but I had red in the house on hand for another project. The mini m&m's were fun and the dark treble and note tops were melted chocolate. They came together fast and I think thy are adorable. Thanks!!!

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Our Back Yard

We have been working in the back yard. It has been hard but a blast. We laid 2200 square feet of sod last Wednesday night. Pilot Boy, Hubby, Angel and myself did most of the work. Pilot Boy I think outdid us all!! Then my parents stopped by to say good-bye as they were leaving for Wyoming Thursday morning. So my wonderful parents jumped in an helped. Dad got the rake and positioned and snugged up the grass pieces. My mom helped roll the grass out and direct the kids.

Dad taught Angel how to use a wheelbarrow. And then she was directing me how to use it 3 days later and was telling me I was using it wrong!!! 10 years old and an expert- well, it is good to know that she really listened to her Grandpa.

Dad taught Pilot how to analyse the sod rolls for placement. Pilot was stacking the rolls on a hand truck and some of the rolls had to be turned for unrolling. So my Dad taught him how to anticipate the proper alignment. Pilot had no problem bringing us the sod in the right orientation from then on and it saved us all lots of time and labor.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!! You say you didn't do much, but I say you did tons!!! Just having you stop by made my day and boosted my moral. You both are very special to me. Thanks for everything you do for me and my family.

We also had help from our neighbor, Bobcat Steve. And our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Good'nRich, through the back that were also sodding at the same time. They shared their family with us. It was a pleasant evening. It only took about 2 hours to lay our sod and their sod. We ordered a total of 5000 sq feet, and laid about 4400 squares. Mrs. Good'nRich was able to sell the extra they did not need. So all was super with that project.

Yesterday, Hubby and Pilot put in sprinklers. We still need to bury a bit of them. But that can wait until next week. Hubby also got 2 cubic yards of compost. So Angel and I wheelbarrowed 3/4's of the compost from the trailer to across the yard to the East Garden area. We have more work there, but need some bricks for the garden area. We are planning to go bricking at Lehi Block on Monday.

So on Monday, we will be choosing brick for the garden and the grass surround border. Then it will before the pool area and the back patio apron and finally the pond/waterfall. The bricks should cost well under $500. We thought that at first we would do concrete curbing, but we would pay well over $700 for that and would not get the fountain, the pool, nor the garden or back patio apron. So I feel that brick will be fine.

We will supply the labor, but we need the work now that school is out for the summer. I am done helping bus the kids from school to the daycare!!! Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry my Dear SIL, but I cannot nor want to work at the daycare anymore. I know you know that. You have been very great to me by working with me through my burned out period. I Love you and am happy I was able to help out this last month and a half. Thanks.

Well again I am done for now. It is time to get ready for church.

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I never anticipated what has happened since I began working out. I love the exercise!! One would think that I should be wasting away or burning my fat reserves like crazy. However, this is not the case. I am stronger and my clothes fit better, which are both terrific results to doing exercise. But the complications are taking a toll on my weight.
You see, I love to cook, bake and partake of these creations. So, I am cooking and eating more than I have been used to. Let me explain.

Every program or life change is risky. This change of putting movement back into my routine is a risk. One that i was willing to take on. First, I am nearing fifty and we have all heard that it is not as easy to drop pounds when you get older. I am living proof of that.

Second, I have a lot more energy and stamina now. Therefore I have been keeping my house in better shape, including the kitchen. Now I have room to cook, do baking and enjoy the food preparation process. Needless to say, there have been more cookies, cakes and brownies turned out of my kitchen in the the last few months than the whole previous year. And also needless to say, I enjoy eating them. I don't eat much, but obviously I eat enough!!!

Third, I am very busy (like the rest of you) and one of my personal challenges is overcoming the lack of ability to do more than one big thing at a time. Let me explain. If I can focus my day on fitness, I succeed in fitness. If I focus on my house, my house is not in chaos. If I focus on eating healthy, I plan meals, shop and cook for health. If I am away from the house working, I work hard. But if I have to do more than one of these tasks on the same day, I feel overwhelmed and I frustrated.
However, multi-tasking on little things is easy for me. For instance, reading a book and listening to my kids ask questions and giving them the answer at the same time is easy. Listening to both kids at the same time also happens at some times. I can crochet or knit and help the kids with homework. Well you get the picture.

I am finding excuses for my lack of weight loss. Now don't get me wrong!!! I am losing inches and I am fine with that. I accepted long ago that my weight was not me and that even if I carry my years food supply on my body, I can still be a great person. Although somewhat limited to the physical movement aspects of life or fitting through tight spaces or keeping up with my kids stamina. But at least I have my years supply!!!!

I have to accept that my transformation is going down a different path than I first imagined. I am okay with that. I hope that everyone else will be accepting of my choices.

I AM DOING SO MUCH BETTER TODAY THAN I WAS A YEAR AGO!!!! So everything I have done since March has been worth it!!! Thanks to everyone who has helped me get to this point. My life is pretty darn good right now.

So let's keep going on this path-

Thanks for your support.