Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, the 15th of October

Today we headed out of Albuquerque hoping to make it home. We have about 680 miles to go. Well, we made it to Moab, Utah and had to call it a night. After being on the road for almost 10 hours and making a few stops we needed to rest.

We stopped at the Four Corners Marker and had fun being in four states at the same time. The kids enjoyed being able to visit all four states at the same time. For anyone who does not know, Four Corners is the spot where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico's borders all meet.

In Monticello, Utah we stopped to look at one of the LDS small Temples. It is certainly not as big as the ones I am used to seeing, but it was beautiful just the same.

Look at God's great architecture- I loved the country of South Eastern Utah. It was sooooo beautiful.

Hey- catch that shadow!! Don't let it get away!!!

The famous Hole in the Rock. What it is famous for, I can't remember. But I will find out!
Click here for the website and see the photos.

Finally Moab comes into sight. Or at least the rock of the off road trails for 4x4's. Soon we will be in beds able to stretch out and get one rest before we finish out journey and arrive home.

In Moab we are staying in a Days Inn and they had the carpets cleaned this morning and so the rugs are a bit damp. But it is nice to know that they are clean.

Tuesday, October 14th

Breakfast included Texas Waffles.  It was fun to have the waffle in the shape of Texas.  So we had to photograph it.

We looked to the South as we drove through El Paso and we were able to see Mexico and their flag flying in their country.  We did not go into Mexico,but we did see it. You can see the flag right in the middle of the photo to the left.

 We finally came to the border of Texas and New Mexico.  It was good to be done with the long drive through Texas.  Now we just need to drive up to Albuquerque.

We hit a little bit of rain.  But mostly we missed the rain and just had lovely storm clouds all around us.  

We finally reached our hotel in Albuquerque and I fell in love with the towel holder.  Of course if I made one, I would paint it white to blend into the walls of my bathroom.

Monday, October 13th

Happy Birthday to my Daddy! I love you!!!

Today we left Middle Brother's and began the long journey across Texas.

This is a photo of Fort Alamo or the Fort at the Alamo. It was closed by the time we got there. We were running very late and only took the time the drive around the Fort.

Another view of the Fort. A monument with the names of all who perished in the battle.

We saw a lot of Hurricane devastation from Ike. It was very humbling. I can't find any photos from our leaving Beaumont and going through Houston. I will have to look again. I looked and can't find anything. I guess I was too much in awe to take photos.

We traveled on I-10 and there were many places that the highway was under water after the hurricane. They are in the process of cleaning the median and roadsides up, but there is still a lot to be done. It looked as though they had pulled the big things out like furniture, boats, cars and the like.

We did see an odd refrigerator here and there, mattresses, packages wrapped in plastic the size of insulation bales. There is tons of grass or hay piled on the road sides, at least ten feet tall in many places. I imagine that many a bale of hay was destroyed and ended up floating away and making a huge mess.

We made it to Fort Stockton and are now going to sleep.

Sunday, October 12th

These photos should be self explanatory. However, if you should have questions, please direct them to my Hubby or his Middle Brother.

When I get a chance, I will have hubby explain the photos. The boys went out to get Middle Brother's keys from his office. He left the set there that had his lawnmower key. For some reason he said he needed the key to start his mower to mow the lawn.

The girls stayed at the house and the younger girls got the table ready for dinner. They did a great job and it was a surprise for the guys.

Since we were having a cash crisis and a paycheck that had not be deposited, we stayed at Middle brothers one extra night so that we could get the money resolved and pay for gas on the way home. ''The best laid plans of mice and men...."

Saturday, October 11

 Above are some more pretty clouds.  Yes I love clouds. 

I believe that this is a look at the Gulf of Mexico from the harbor near Mobile, Alabama.  We did see the Gulf there. 

 We finally made it into Texas!!  All along the way from Alabama we saw wind damage to homes, buildings, signs and telephone poles.  We surmise that some of the damage may have been from Katrina, but more likely from Ike and Gustov.  

Then we came nearer to Beaumont and we saw damage that we knew came from Ike.  I am sure glad that we don't live where hurricanes occur.  The devastation we saw was quite impressive.  Storm damage was every where you looked.  It was unreal. 

This sign is like so many others we saw.

 This is an area that is still flooded.  There is no outlet for the water to leave the area.

Today we made it to Beaumont.  There were not many motel rooms available near Hubby's middle brother's home.  So we stayed with him.

Friday, October 10th

 Today we went to the beach in Jacksonville, Florida to visit the Atlantic Ocean.

We spent a couple of hours there and of course mom got sunburned. Not bad, though, but since it was October and overcast, mom forgot that the sun in the south could still cause sunburn.

We found lots of sea shells and the kids had a blast playing in the surf.

 We were completely covered with sand.  Oh it is sad when one forgets about the sand at the beach!  I can't believe that I forgot how sand can get into everything.  But somehow we survived.

We all had a great time.  The kids loved being at the ocean.  I wish I could have spent all afternoon there, on a towel, listening to the surf break over the beach.  It was so calming and heavenly.

On the way to Mobile, I made several shell and beach find necklaces.  It was fun to see how broken shells, full shells and rocks could make some cute stuff.  I haven't taken any photos yet, but I will soon.

Then we began the long drive towards Texas. We are staying on the east side of Mobile, Alabama, actually on the other side of the river.

See the pretty cloud?  This was a Alabama cloud.

Then the sun set and soon we were in our motel.