Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday, October 14th

Breakfast included Texas Waffles.  It was fun to have the waffle in the shape of Texas.  So we had to photograph it.

We looked to the South as we drove through El Paso and we were able to see Mexico and their flag flying in their country.  We did not go into Mexico,but we did see it. You can see the flag right in the middle of the photo to the left.

 We finally came to the border of Texas and New Mexico.  It was good to be done with the long drive through Texas.  Now we just need to drive up to Albuquerque.

We hit a little bit of rain.  But mostly we missed the rain and just had lovely storm clouds all around us.  

We finally reached our hotel in Albuquerque and I fell in love with the towel holder.  Of course if I made one, I would paint it white to blend into the walls of my bathroom.

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