Sunday, October 5, 2008

Florida Trip Day Five - (Saturday)

Today was a very odd day. We spent the early morning driving and ended up in Atlanta at nearly 5:00 am. We all climb into the nice soft comfortable beds and Pilot turned on the TV. We (Pilot, Angel and myself) could not fall back to sleep. I would have but the kids would not. So at 6am, I climbed back out of bed and went with the kids down to breakfast.

Hubby was sound asleep. He was very tired and so we made a breakfast for him and put it in the fridge. Then the three of us stayed down in the lobby on the computers and did our work while dad slept. Pilot went back up to the room around 10, he said he was going to watch some TV. Angel and I went to the pool.

The pool was cold and Angel would not get in. So she finally said, "let's go." I was relieved. So up to the room we went. We found Hubby and Pilot both sawing logs in the room. By the time I crawled into bed, I was exhausted. But I know I will do it again- anything I can do to let my Hubby get the best sleep.

I got about an hour and a half of good sleep. Then it was up and get ready to get on the road again. Hubby and I got most everything packed up and then woke up the kids, who said they were not tired and would not fall asleep. I needed more sleep and couldn't wait to get in the car and fall asleep. But of course that did not happen.

We left about 1 pm and began our drive South, we wanted to reach Orlando if we could do it. I did not want to miss any more scenery so I really tried to stay awake. Honestly, I don't know how much I slept, but I don't think it was very much.

Our first big find was 'Boiled Peanuts'. This was my first time
having boiled peanuts and they actually were pretty good.
They came in a 32 oz cup and were hot and a fun treat.

Saturday night we decided to call it a night about 11'ish pm. We stayed in Downtown Orlando, Lake Buena Vista actually. We were all in bed pretty quick, however.... someone turned the TV on and the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives was on. We have seen it before while on the road and really love learning about different places to eat.

We still mostly eat off the regular dollar menus and try to keep the costs very low. We also try to eat sandwiches and such that we make ourselves to also keep the costs down. When and what we eat is usually dictated by our traveling goals. When we are on a tight schedule, we tend to eat out more. When we can take our time and drive leisurely, we make more of our food.

Anyway, the hotel was as nice as the other two Hampton Inns. We watched as much of the DD&D back to back shows as we could and one by one we all drifted off. First, Angel, then Pilot, then me and finally Hubby. But it was fun to get some food culture in to sleep on. Although we were all starving as we watched and learned about the great food they were reviewing.

Disclaimer: I have never claimed to be an expert on this Blogging stuff, so please forgive me for the following photo placements. I could not get them to go side by side or anything but what is here. Someday I will figure it out. You will notice the photos above were able to go side by side so I am not sure why the ones below would not.

Our Hotel for Saturday Night -- the P38 Airplane room:

Nice room, don't you think? We had a fridge and a microwave. That was great. We had our own travel fridge, but the microwave came in handy.

above: Going thru Georgia

above: freeway in Georgia

Water tower in Georgia made to look like a Peach.

Kids taking 5 in the back of the car.

Swanee River musical Sign

Gas in Georgia just before the Florida border.

Below 2 photos: Sunset just inside Florida.

A cute gecko Pilot caught to show me.

This is sideways, maybe someday I'll edit the photo and repost.
It is of a baby shark preserved in a jar. The kids found this quite fascinating.

Pilot loves this ship made out of shells.

The kids also found this alligator and other things
in a tourist shop in Florida really interesting. Good thing
they just took photos and did not beg for us to bring the shark
and alligator home!

Another wildlife sighting. On the same umbrella where they were finding geckos,
they found some little frogs. The frog is on the post at the top on the right.

This is a cotton field. We saw many fields with ripe cotton along the freeway.
What an interesting real look at one of the South's first crops.

This is a ranch in Florida. We saw quite a few ranches of horses and/or cattle.

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