Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Saturday, October 11

 Above are some more pretty clouds.  Yes I love clouds. 

I believe that this is a look at the Gulf of Mexico from the harbor near Mobile, Alabama.  We did see the Gulf there. 

 We finally made it into Texas!!  All along the way from Alabama we saw wind damage to homes, buildings, signs and telephone poles.  We surmise that some of the damage may have been from Katrina, but more likely from Ike and Gustov.  

Then we came nearer to Beaumont and we saw damage that we knew came from Ike.  I am sure glad that we don't live where hurricanes occur.  The devastation we saw was quite impressive.  Storm damage was every where you looked.  It was unreal. 

This sign is like so many others we saw.

 This is an area that is still flooded.  There is no outlet for the water to leave the area.

Today we made it to Beaumont.  There were not many motel rooms available near Hubby's middle brother's home.  So we stayed with him.

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