Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day Five on Florida Trip - Sunday

Today we left the hotel about noon. We had a really great nights sleep. I really needed that. We all needed that. In fact we were still so tired that after we went to breakfast about 7:30am, we all went back to bed and slept for at least an hour. I slept 'til eleven and then grabbed a quick shower, packed and then we were out by 11:30. We had to stop and get a new faucet for the Snow Cart and then we were to meet the buyer at 2pm. The buyer was going to go to work late so that he could take possession today, but then he decided to wait until Monday as we had earlier planned.

So we finished driving to Ft. Lauderdale and checked into our hotel about 5 pm. We encountered a few rain squalls, a couple of which slowed us down to a crawl because it was so heavy. It was really fun.

We let the kids swim, because this is the first hotel with a pool warm enough and time enough to do so. They were really good and cooperative. We are going to watch a few of the conference talks later on the internet. It was weird not being able to turn the radio on and listen as we drove. It was really weird.

Our new hotel is great also. We have been very blessed to have such nice places to stay. We are in the tractor room. And here are the photos:

OK, I got these photos sort of where I want them. So I am going to stop and not fiddle with them. The photo of the pool is out of the order I want it in, but you can see it from our window.

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