Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday the 8th in Florida

Today for lunch we went to CeCe's Pizza - (a buffet like Eats-a-Pizza) and the food was really good. They had salads, pasta and pizza. I don't think that any of us ate too much. At least I wasn't.

Then we went to 'Wonder Works', a science interactive museum. That was really fun! We all had a good time there. Here are some of the photos from the museum. First you will notice that the building is upside down. A huge tornado carried the building, flipped it upside down and dropped it on another building in Orlando- well that is what they want you to believe.

In fact, the building is still creaking. Man is it weird!

Here are the kids in Airplane simulators.

Here is an optical illusion. Do you see a vase or two people's profiles?

Here is the Davis Family Astronauts: Pilot, Shari,

Hubby and Angel.

Pilot and Hubby in the Space Shuttle.

Angel both in and out of the Shuttle.

We also got to feel a 5.3 earthquake.  That was really interesting.  There was a lot of interesting things, like wind tunnel to feel hurricane force winds.  Experience laying on a bed of nails.  Interacting with blue screens. 
Optical illusions galore.  Shuttle landing simulator.  The law of pulley's- getting to pull yourself up in the air with pully's.  Mirror distortions.  Computer question and answer games.  Lots, lots more.

Here are some more photos of the inside of the upside down building. 

Here are some more of the outside of the building.  Do you like the telephone poles?
The sounds of creaking can still be heard.  It is a real fun place to visit.  

Here are some great cloud formations.  They caught my attention.  It finally rained about 8pm.

Here is the sign at the entrance to the Resorts area where we got to stay.

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