Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, the 15th of October

Today we headed out of Albuquerque hoping to make it home. We have about 680 miles to go. Well, we made it to Moab, Utah and had to call it a night. After being on the road for almost 10 hours and making a few stops we needed to rest.

We stopped at the Four Corners Marker and had fun being in four states at the same time. The kids enjoyed being able to visit all four states at the same time. For anyone who does not know, Four Corners is the spot where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico's borders all meet.

In Monticello, Utah we stopped to look at one of the LDS small Temples. It is certainly not as big as the ones I am used to seeing, but it was beautiful just the same.

Look at God's great architecture- I loved the country of South Eastern Utah. It was sooooo beautiful.

Hey- catch that shadow!! Don't let it get away!!!

The famous Hole in the Rock. What it is famous for, I can't remember. But I will find out!
Click here for the website and see the photos.

Finally Moab comes into sight. Or at least the rock of the off road trails for 4x4's. Soon we will be in beds able to stretch out and get one rest before we finish out journey and arrive home.

In Moab we are staying in a Days Inn and they had the carpets cleaned this morning and so the rugs are a bit damp. But it is nice to know that they are clean.

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