Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day Three to Florida (Friday)

Today we traveled from Kansas City, Missouri and ended in Atlanta, Georgia. We saw gas prices between $2.99 a gallon to $4.19 a gal. Hopefully we will be able to fill up today for $3.69 a gallon, I saw that price as we pulled into the Hampton Inn just South of Atlanta.

Oops! It was $3.99 a gallon, so when we filled up we only put in $30.00 worth. Then we found some gas further down the road at $3.71, better but still high. Georgia is having a gas shortage due to a bad storm they had a few weeks ago. So you get gas when you find a decent price when you have to have it.

We stayed in the Snow Globe room and I forgot to get photos.
It was almost as nice as the night before, but just was not as new.

This is what it looked like on our way from Kansas City to Atlanta:

We stopped on a bridge overpass as we stopped for gas.
The kids and I enjoyed watching the cars drive under us.
Hubby thought we were weird when we told him it was fun.

Here is our view of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. We decided we would not take the time to try and stop, because it closed at 5:10 pm and we were still on the freeway at 4:50pm and probably would not have made it. Oh well, we got to see it from a distance and will have to come back and go inside another time.

This is the train bridge near the Gateway that takes you over the Mississippi River
and into Illinois from Missouri. You can see the Mississippi River too. Fun.

This is a beautiful sunset we watched as we drove down the freeway.

This is a Fed-X truck that was lit up very bright.
It was purty to see. All the night lights were purty.
We drove from Kansas City to Atlanta and drove mostly
during the evening and night.

Do you like these bouncing lights?
It is my new photo art.

Here is a view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It was
between 3:30 and 4:00 am Atlanta time. By the time
we checked into the room and got comfortable, it was
only 30 minutes until breakfast started.

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