Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday the 6th in Florida

Today we delivered the goods. The buyer seemed very pleased and we are relieved to have the goods out of our hands.

After the delivery, we headed down to Key West. It was a very beautiful drive. We enjoyed many beautiful clouds, scenes of the Gulf and the Atlantic. We saw deer, birds and geckos. We saw coconuts on the trees and got to gather 3 up from a quaint deli's property. We asked permission and they said sure you can take some. They didn't know that I know some things about fresh coconuts and the man began to tell me that they are next to impossible to get open. I thanked him and mentioned that I had lived in Hawaii for a little bit and hope to use the things I learned there to open them. So we will have to see if I can remember anything about opening coconuts.

We got to Key West and spent about an hour on the beach collecting sea shells.

We watched the sunset and it was spectacular. It was really beautiful.

We also saw the marker for the southern most point in the United States. It was a long drive, but we feel it was worth it. We hope to come back again and we will have a better idea about what we can accomplish.

The weather was great down on the Keys. It was very rainy just out of Miami, but the further south we got the better the weather was.

We drove back to Fort Lauderdale and spent a second night at the Hampton Inn there.

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