Sunday, October 5, 2008

Under the President of The United States Plane

Yes, Air Force One flew right over us as we stopped on the freeway as we were driving through St. Louis.

As we were driving past the St. Louis airport, we saw some, OK, it ended up to be lots of police cars blocking off the exits from the freeway going to the airport. We figured there had been a bad accident or something. We never even thought President.

Then as we took the exchange we needed we saw a huge plane coming in for landing. I said, "there's a plane."

Pilot said, "it is Air Force One."

I thought, 'right.' But I asked him why he thought it could be Air Force One.

He explained everything he knows about planes and Air Force One and security measures and I realized that he is most likely correct. I was surprised and thrilled to know that he is learning about the things that he likes.

The next morning we found out that President Bush did indeed land in St. Louis at the time we were watching the plane fly over the freeway and us and land at the airport. Ryan was right, Woohoo!!

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