Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Update

OK, we have been in school for over a month now, just barely.  It is now mid terms, wow time flies when you are at an accelerated school.  I just finished my Medical Terminology  mid-term exam and I feel pretty good about it.  Like it should be 99-100%.  This was a test that we were given 200 medical terms and we had to provide the 200 definitions to them.  It was awesome!  I loved doing it.

I did help Hubby fill out 75 words, his hand was getting sore.  He had carpaltunnel surgery yesterday and his hand got really tired and sore.  So our teacher told us I could write for him.  I had him tell me the definition, and then spell the word.  He only missed one word in the 75 I wrote for him.  Awesome!  He also did not misspell any words.  I was proud of him, at least on the 75.  Now he did really well on the other 125, but, whether or not our teacher will be able to read his writing...........  I did and he didn't do too bad.  However, his writing today was a bit strained and I hope she can read his writing as well as I could.

Well just wanted to update everyone that school is going great.  Now we are off to our Strategies for Success class and then home for the week.  Since we took our Terminology test today, we don't have to come in tomorrow.  So we get a longer weekend.  Yes!!!!

PS: spell check is not active on this computer, so I hope I have been doing OK, I am just quickly typing while here at school.  I might check back later when I get home.  I did not bring my laptop today,  I am missing it, but I am getting by with the schools lab computer.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Make-Do Air Freshener Recycle

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1. Alison @ Under the Big Oak Tree (Oven Repair)
2. Melinda - Repurposing old furniture 
3. Ann Kroeker (plastic bag dryer)

Make-Do Mondays with Shari

Recycle That Dried Up Air Freshener

Here is an air freshener that we tried. But for the second time the shiny beads have dried up into little hard balls.  They still have a scent to them. But they look terrible.  I rehydrated them once before and so this time I will be showing you how I did it. 


You will probably need a Science/Physics or Math Degree, so please read on and decide for yourself what skills you will need to make this Make-Do work for you!

Step one: Grab your freshener.  If yours is like this one, just take the lid off.  Do not turn the freshener on the side or any liquid left may (will most definitely - learned by experience) spill out.

Step 2:  Add water covering your beads.  In this jar I filled it approximately 1/3 full.  I will add more water if the beads absorb all the water I added.
Here you can see there is a lot more water than beads.  Mine foamed up when I added the water, but the foam will disappear later.


After a couple of hours, almost all of the water is absorbed.  It still emits a nice smell, maybe it is not as potent as when it was first created/ opened.  However, I could add some additional scent essence if I felt that was necessary.  I have a stash of them that I got for really cheap - a thrift store buy-  they still smell fine.

Even though this is blurry, it shows that the beads are nearly rehydrated and ready to work freshening up my bathroom again.  

Saves money, fun to do and really you don't need a Science or Math Degree to do this!!!


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with Shari

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Duct Tape Repair

So for this Make-Do Monday I am sharing my Duct-Tape patch job on my favorite jeans.

Here is a photo looking from the outside.  Don't look too bad.  These pants are at least 6 years old, but I haven't worn them for the last year.  I decided to pull them out, I had forgotten I had patched them with Duct Tape.  So I wore them for one day at school.  When I got home, I noticed that they are so thin in areas that I doubt they would last another day.

Here is a look at the inside.

Another look at the patch.  The pants are really worn.

They don't look too bad, but they are so very thread bear.  
I put them on last Friday and just wore them around the house.  Once when I moved, I heard a small rip.  I found the area, it was in the front by the pocket.  So all day, I 'played' in them and let them rip away.  I was careful not to let the tear go down the leg, because I plan on making a good sturdy, double legged bag for my camping grill.

So the make do for today is:

If you need a patch, try duct tape.  I do this if I am out camping/hiking and get a puncture in my pants from a branch or twig.  Also use a piece of duct tape to reinforce your bookbag corner or backpack corner to make it last longer.  I almost always put the patch on the inside.  Duct tape is so much faster than sewing and sometimes it even comes through the wash without coming off.  I am must too busy (lazy) to stop and sew or even iron on a patch!!


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Many thanks to Ann for starting this carnival and also for entrusting me to carry it forward.

I will definitely need your help in making this a success and a place to come and gather ideas on saving money and being responsible for our material goods, time and family.

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with Shari

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am Hungry! I Need some Munchies!

I am soooooooo very hungry.  More like very Munchie Hungry!

These photos (and more) of this huge batch of chocolate chip cookies keeps coming up in my Google sidebar photo slideshow.  Every time they pop up I get a craving for sugar, butter and chocolate!  

You would have thought (thunk) that when I made these cookies at the beginning of August that there would be some left hiding in the freezer.  
(I made over eighty cookies that day.)  
Well you would be wrong, there are no more cookies hiding in my house!  
And........... I am devastated!  
I want some cookies so badly that I can almost taste them.



OR .........
Do I Choose Healthy? 

Even though these veggies look wonderful, I am going to have to go with cookies!

Oh............... wait................... 
I don't have any cookies made~ :(

But I could pick some fresh produce and eat it without much work~ :)

Guess I will have to go with fresh garden produce!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Posting about a .... Post?

I know what you are thinking, what a nice post.  But why would Shari be writing and photoing a post?  Well.................  Surprise..................  I see some hands!

 Does this post have arms?  No it isn't the post it is Pilot!  He was playing hide and seek with me and I did not know it.  Until he popped out of behind the post! 



I was having fun with Pilot.  He can be so crazy at times.  

But we were Making-Do by making our own fun!


Computer Fundamentals - done

Even though I had more than 8 credits in computer related classes, I was being told I still had to take this fundamentals class!  Bunk!  I am smart enough to know that computers are always changing, but then so am I.  I have been staying abreast of the computer revolution and still know my computer stuff.  Although I have more that oodles to learn and keep learning.

Anyway, the registrar's office was telling me that I needed the class because my credits were so old.  Would you agree with them that my classes from 1980 were too old?  I don't agree with them, but I would possible agree if the credits were not mine and I had not paid for them.  I totally agree with their decision, even though I don't like it.  They said that my other class credits from 1979 and 1983 would probably not transfer as well.  I hope this is unique to this college.  But then I don't have to worry about it until I decide to do my Associates Degree.  Then we will cross that bridge.

Anyway, I looked at the course for the computer fundamentals and decided it was too mundane and fundamental.  I had much better things to do with my time if I could pass the test and test out of the class.  So I paid my $25 and took the test.  You had to have an 84% to pass and I got a 94%, an A, so I passed the class.  I am pleased with myself and grateful that it will save me money on tuition, about $900 and that means that much less on a student loan.  Yes!

So there you have it, I tested out of Computer Fundamentals and saved me some money too. 

Update on School

It is a really good thing that I did not have a goal to put a post on every day or I would be totally in default!

Life has been extremely crazy for me for the last month.  I feel that finally things are settling down and getting into a grove.  That will only last for another 6 weeks and then at the beginning of November we change college classes.  Then I will be taking 4 classes a week- 16 credits.  Nice, but could be very hectic.  Right now I have only 8 credits.  Oh well- the price we pay for success.

I am really happy doing college right now.  It is a challenge and fun at the same time.  I also know this is what I want and so I am determined to learn all I can.  This time around, school is for me, it is what I want, I want to learn, I want to achieve.  It is not a playground or social club.  This is real life!  I intend on becoming a Pharmacy Technician and be a really good one too.  I want to be that someone that will be an asset to the pharmacy that chooses me to work with them.

Then as I work at the pharmacy, I want to go back to school and further my education, hopefully to an Associates.  Broaden my horizons. Oh what can be.................  I feel like I am starting a new life.  

I turn 50 in February and in April my externship (yes this is spelled correctly) at a pharmacy will begin.  Yes, I am starting a new life, full of excitement and experiences that only I can have, because I am me and I will be out there making them!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yes I Passed!

I challenged the computer fundamentals class test and got a 94% = 'A' grade. I was surprised to get so high, I was hoping but still surprised. Thanks to my Heavenly Father for helping me to recall all the answers I needed to pass the test.

This saves me $900.00! Well worth the stress and $25.00 to take the test. Now I owe $80.00 for the credit hours and I get credit for the class.


Hi From Provo College

I am sitting in Computer Fundamentals class and we are supposed to be interviewing our partner. Gosh Darn! I know that guy by me. So that assignment is super easy.

So here I am sending a note to Bloggerville. We are in class. I am going to see if I really want to drop this class. I am thinking I really do.

So after my next class I will be checking to see if I got approved to drop this class.

I am going to go for now. So see ya.......................