Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am Hungry! I Need some Munchies!

I am soooooooo very hungry.  More like very Munchie Hungry!

These photos (and more) of this huge batch of chocolate chip cookies keeps coming up in my Google sidebar photo slideshow.  Every time they pop up I get a craving for sugar, butter and chocolate!  

You would have thought (thunk) that when I made these cookies at the beginning of August that there would be some left hiding in the freezer.  
(I made over eighty cookies that day.)  
Well you would be wrong, there are no more cookies hiding in my house!  
And........... I am devastated!  
I want some cookies so badly that I can almost taste them.



OR .........
Do I Choose Healthy? 

Even though these veggies look wonderful, I am going to have to go with cookies!

Oh............... wait................... 
I don't have any cookies made~ :(

But I could pick some fresh produce and eat it without much work~ :)

Guess I will have to go with fresh garden produce!


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