Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update on School

It is a really good thing that I did not have a goal to put a post on every day or I would be totally in default!

Life has been extremely crazy for me for the last month.  I feel that finally things are settling down and getting into a grove.  That will only last for another 6 weeks and then at the beginning of November we change college classes.  Then I will be taking 4 classes a week- 16 credits.  Nice, but could be very hectic.  Right now I have only 8 credits.  Oh well- the price we pay for success.

I am really happy doing college right now.  It is a challenge and fun at the same time.  I also know this is what I want and so I am determined to learn all I can.  This time around, school is for me, it is what I want, I want to learn, I want to achieve.  It is not a playground or social club.  This is real life!  I intend on becoming a Pharmacy Technician and be a really good one too.  I want to be that someone that will be an asset to the pharmacy that chooses me to work with them.

Then as I work at the pharmacy, I want to go back to school and further my education, hopefully to an Associates.  Broaden my horizons. Oh what can be.................  I feel like I am starting a new life.  

I turn 50 in February and in April my externship (yes this is spelled correctly) at a pharmacy will begin.  Yes, I am starting a new life, full of excitement and experiences that only I can have, because I am me and I will be out there making them!

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