Saturday, September 19, 2009

Computer Fundamentals - done

Even though I had more than 8 credits in computer related classes, I was being told I still had to take this fundamentals class!  Bunk!  I am smart enough to know that computers are always changing, but then so am I.  I have been staying abreast of the computer revolution and still know my computer stuff.  Although I have more that oodles to learn and keep learning.

Anyway, the registrar's office was telling me that I needed the class because my credits were so old.  Would you agree with them that my classes from 1980 were too old?  I don't agree with them, but I would possible agree if the credits were not mine and I had not paid for them.  I totally agree with their decision, even though I don't like it.  They said that my other class credits from 1979 and 1983 would probably not transfer as well.  I hope this is unique to this college.  But then I don't have to worry about it until I decide to do my Associates Degree.  Then we will cross that bridge.

Anyway, I looked at the course for the computer fundamentals and decided it was too mundane and fundamental.  I had much better things to do with my time if I could pass the test and test out of the class.  So I paid my $25 and took the test.  You had to have an 84% to pass and I got a 94%, an A, so I passed the class.  I am pleased with myself and grateful that it will save me money on tuition, about $900 and that means that much less on a student loan.  Yes!

So there you have it, I tested out of Computer Fundamentals and saved me some money too. 

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  1. That's great! It still seems a bit odd that you are charged to get the test, but a savings of $875 is an incredible deal. :)