Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Back Yard

We have been working in the back yard. It has been hard but a blast. We laid 2200 square feet of sod last Wednesday night. Pilot Boy, Hubby, Angel and myself did most of the work. Pilot Boy I think outdid us all!! Then my parents stopped by to say good-bye as they were leaving for Wyoming Thursday morning. So my wonderful parents jumped in an helped. Dad got the rake and positioned and snugged up the grass pieces. My mom helped roll the grass out and direct the kids.

Dad taught Angel how to use a wheelbarrow. And then she was directing me how to use it 3 days later and was telling me I was using it wrong!!! 10 years old and an expert- well, it is good to know that she really listened to her Grandpa.

Dad taught Pilot how to analyse the sod rolls for placement. Pilot was stacking the rolls on a hand truck and some of the rolls had to be turned for unrolling. So my Dad taught him how to anticipate the proper alignment. Pilot had no problem bringing us the sod in the right orientation from then on and it saved us all lots of time and labor.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!! You say you didn't do much, but I say you did tons!!! Just having you stop by made my day and boosted my moral. You both are very special to me. Thanks for everything you do for me and my family.

We also had help from our neighbor, Bobcat Steve. And our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Good'nRich, through the back that were also sodding at the same time. They shared their family with us. It was a pleasant evening. It only took about 2 hours to lay our sod and their sod. We ordered a total of 5000 sq feet, and laid about 4400 squares. Mrs. Good'nRich was able to sell the extra they did not need. So all was super with that project.

Yesterday, Hubby and Pilot put in sprinklers. We still need to bury a bit of them. But that can wait until next week. Hubby also got 2 cubic yards of compost. So Angel and I wheelbarrowed 3/4's of the compost from the trailer to across the yard to the East Garden area. We have more work there, but need some bricks for the garden area. We are planning to go bricking at Lehi Block on Monday.

So on Monday, we will be choosing brick for the garden and the grass surround border. Then it will before the pool area and the back patio apron and finally the pond/waterfall. The bricks should cost well under $500. We thought that at first we would do concrete curbing, but we would pay well over $700 for that and would not get the fountain, the pool, nor the garden or back patio apron. So I feel that brick will be fine.

We will supply the labor, but we need the work now that school is out for the summer. I am done helping bus the kids from school to the daycare!!! Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry my Dear SIL, but I cannot nor want to work at the daycare anymore. I know you know that. You have been very great to me by working with me through my burned out period. I Love you and am happy I was able to help out this last month and a half. Thanks.

Well again I am done for now. It is time to get ready for church.

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