Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

!!!  H A P P Y  V A L E N T I N E' S D A Y  !!!

Of course it is Friday and Today is the day the kids at the Brick and Mortar schools are celebrating Valentines Day. So in my desire to be crafty, I helped Angel make flowers for her teachers and bus driver.

Here are this years version of the candy flowers. They are definitely not as elaborate as the end of the year bouquets we made last spring. But the flower heads themselves are the best yet, so we believe.

Here is our Valentines Flowers:
This year I used chocolate hearts to make the flowers.  These are Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, heart shaped Valentine Candy.  Then the leaves are made from Twix, long skinny Tootsie Rolls and Whopper mini packs.
 Angel was  not in to the photo opp this morning.  This is all three 'gifts' held like a bouquet.
 Still not exactly overexcited.  It looks like a put on smile to me.  
However, Angel is still my beautiful daughter.
This duo has Twix for the leaves, because the person getting this one loves Twix.
 Here is Angel's sack with all her Valentines for all 29 kids.  She has a small class this year.
 Here is just another look, view of the flowers.
And one final view of the flowers.  They were fun, and we think they look really nice.

This one below is from last year, we added silk roses for Angel's favorite 5th grade teacher.
**click here and you will see my blog page with the other photos of the Spring- school's out bouquets.


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