Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Divine Intervention

You would not believe this story, so I am thinking that all I will say is, "TODAY was a FANTASTIC DAY!"

However, you know that I am not one to not talk about what is happening to me and mine, so get ready for a long one!!!

Hubby and I have been looking on KSL Classifieds for some free stuff, (you are right! We do already have too much stuff. That's another story.) and we have gotten some good bargains also. Things that have already in less then a week made life more organized and better in our home. I will share them with you later. But aside from getting free deck material and free landscaping stuff, I have promised myself and dear Hubby that I am done looking for anything else.

So as the computer sat today not going to KSL, I think it was calling to me. The computer was bored and wanted some attention. I kept telling it no! I hadn't gone to KSL in TWO whole days! I was not going to go there today. I really did not want to find anything else that I 'needed'. I didn't know I 'needed' all the other stuff we got, except the computer hutch made of solid wood and in excellent condition and the laptop desk that is in really good condition. I had been looking for a computer hutch for several year now and could never afford the one I wanted from the store even on sale. So I started to look in the KSL Classifieds. And ..... oh, bother, back to the story.

Anyway, I said 'no' to the computer and went about my business. Then I went upstairs for a while. This is where the story really begins.

Out of the blue, I decided to go downstairs, it was like I was being compelled down and straight to the computer. So I thought, well I can study some more leadership or business stuff. So I turned on the computer. But the first thing I did was pull up KSL and look at the free items page. I just did it, no real thought. An ad caught my eye, OK it was the top entry and it had been on for 2 minutes. It was for a 13 foot trampoline safety surround. I looked at that ad and thought, 'cool, don't really need one but cool.'

I thought of my backyard neighbor and they have a trampoline and small children and maybe they could use it. She is an avid KSLer when she is looking for something, so I was going to call her but then I saw she was out in the yard and working. So I decided to call the ad contact. I called the contact and got an answering machine. Then I e-mailed the contact. The ad had been on for about 8 minutes now.

"H" e-mailed me back. She told me to call "W" and also gave me the address to pick it up. So I called "W" and said something like this, 'This is Shari and I am calling about your ad for the Trampoline surround. I used to live near where you are and I would like to come and get the surround.'

"W" answered, 'will this brand fit your trampoline.' She didn't want me to get it home and find out it wouldn't fit. We spoke a little bit more and all of the sudden she asked, " is this Shari S...?"

All of the sudden I realized that I knew who "W" was. (I thought when I saw her name in the e-mail, wouldn't that be neat if this was my friend "W". I knew it couldn't be, it just wouldn't be such a small world...) But it was a small world and so I said "W", "WS"?" It was her! My very special friend of 34 years!!!

I then ask her if she was at home and if she had time for me to come over. She said yes. And I said, 'I'll be there in two minutes!' It actually takes about 7 minutes from my house, but I was so excited I know I could have flown there in the 2 minutes. I took more than 2 minutes to get there, for those of you who are wondering. I tried really hard to keep to the speed limits and I did quite well.

I took the long way around her neighborhood, because I left in such a hurry that I only wrote down the address not the directions! It didn't take long though and soon I was in front of her lovely home. There were geckos (Hawaiian lizards) in her outdoor design and I knew I was in the right place.

I hurried to the door and before I could knock, she was opening it and we were hugging. It was all so fantastic. We are not long lost friends but I for one have allowed too much time to pass without visiting with her. "W" is my eternal friend. We have a very special friendship. We do not have to be together all the time to feel each others love and respect. I know that she is busy and trying very hard to raise her children and keep her family together. I would never try to pull her away from her family by doing 'friend things' right now. Now is the time for each of us to focus on the blessings that Heavenly Father has given us- our families, husband and children.

She has felt the same. We have seen each other over the years at happy occasions and very sad occasions. Birthdays are special because we can call each other and wish for another year of goodness for each other. There have been many times that we have not made the calls, but in our hearts we think of each other and we know that each other is doing fine and that the Lord is watching over the other.

For me it is so comfortable when we do see each other after several years. It always seems like it was just yesterday that we were off to Institute or swimming and just being together. Although that was 28 - 30 years ago. Our hearts are connected and I am sure that we were friends before we came to earth. We will always be friends, especially into eternity. My hope is that when we are both back at home in Heaven, that things will be different so that we can spend more time with each other.

But if that is not the case, we will still be forever friends and always have a special bond. I hold her siblings, parents and whole family in a very dear spot in my heart. I love you all very much and ask Heavenly Father to always bless you according to your needs. I also pray that you have the comfort and guidance from the Holy Ghost to be with you all at all times. I love you guys!!!

The Lord has truly blessed me throughout my life. I have such wonderful family and friends. I am not a 'do-er' friend. I don't need or really want to go shopping and do lunches, movies or activities. Partially because I love conversation and learning about each other most. The other reason is that I know that we need to be with our own families, we need to be there for them and that takes a lot of effort and time.

There is nothing wrong with BBQ's and trips, if we do them combined with our families. I also know that some R&R (rest and recovery) is necessary. But thus far, I have not tried to take a couple of days and run to a retreat with my friends. I have other friends who do something like this and they say it is marvelous to the soul to rekindle friendships and self confidence and return to their family rested and ready for the next challenge. I want to try this someday, but I think my kids are still too young for me to run off on such a retreat.

Anyway, I have been blessed with great friends and family. I am grateful for them and for all that I have learned from their examples. I hope I can always be there for my family and friends when they need me.

Oh, my goodness, I have really deviated from the story. "W" and I visited for at least 2 hours and it was so wonderful. "H" tried very hard to get hold of "W" to find out if I had picked up the trampoline surround. "W", being such a good friend, did not interrupt our visit to answer the phone. So "H" was forced to make a decision about the surround. She did not know if I was picking it up or not and had to guess that maybe I flaked out and didn't go take the surround.

I was so excited to find out it was "W" on the phone that I did not e-mail a thanks and I was going to pick up the surround. When I got to "W's" home, we did not even think to call "H" and let her know that I was there to get it.

Poor "H" had to make a decision, so she sent someone else to pick up the surround. Her husband came by the house to let "W" know that someone was there to take the surround. "W" was horrified that someone else would be taking the surround. "H" was also sorry that someone else was taking the surround. BUT I was actually relieved that I did not have to try and put the surround in my vehicle. AND I do not even have a trampoline!! I was thinking that if my neighbor could use it, it would be great. If she couldn't use it, maybe I could put it around my pool. BUT I am so happy for everything and how everything worked out!!

I came home with a renewed connection with "W". I did not come home with 'another project' to contend with. I truly am the winner. "W" is the winner too, because the surround did get taken away from her home!! We both won!!!

I thank Heavenly Father for such a clever plan to put "W" and me in the same room together today. I have no doubt that His hand was in this whole experience. To my sadness, I have had her number for a year now and have not called her. Then she moved. I still had her number, but still I sadly did not call. I know that Heavenly Father put me in the right place to make contact with "W" and be able to see her today.

There is a reason and I believe one reason may be to help me feel better about myself and know that I truly have a friend with a listening heart to help me get over my 'woe me' times. "W" always makes me feel special. Even today, with me in my work clothes, grey hair, overweight and nearly all rubbed off nail polish, she made me feel special. She likes me, not my shell but me, the me inside. She has a very special gift and is a great friend to all she meets. She makes you feel like you are her very best friend. She truly cares about you and listens with her heart. She is genuine and sincere at all times. There must be thousands of us in the world that feel "W" is our best friend. What a true friend she is. Life is good and I am blessed beyond measure.

May the Lord bless all my dear family and friends throughout this world, from Florida to Washington State, Canada and Norway, Hawaii and elsewhere.



Why dd I feel compelled to get on my computer at the same exact time the ad was placed?

What are the chances of me getting a bug to look on KSL two minutes after the Ad from H and W was posted? (Possibly being the first to see the ad and contact H)

What are the chances of me calling on an item that I definitely do not have a need for? (remember we don't have a trampoline.)

What are the chances that W would be my friend that I think about a lot during July especially? (Think of all the people who place ad's on KSL and do the math.)

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