Thursday, July 17, 2008

Got To Love It

You gotta love it when you find something that works for you. Yesterday morning I did not take my wonderful fruit juice and boy did I suffer when I ate some of my 'wrong foods' (a small bowl of Captn Crunch ceral with milk). I was sick within 15 minutes of eating and felt horrible all day. I will have to try drinking my juice and then eating some cereal and really see if there is a difference. I suppose in all honesty, I probably would have been 'sick' anyway since I had the milk. However, since I have been taking my juice, I have milk every once in a while and don't get sick. So maybe my juice would have made a great difference in how I felt overall. I will have to experiment when I have a day that I feel like I can spare the time, if I don't do well.
Today I took said wonderful juice. Then I had a breakfast of eggs, fried spam and pepperjack cheese. I have not been what I call 'sick' at all! This is so wonderful.

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