Monday, November 12, 2007

Silly Distractions with Shari

Story Time - The story did not really follow the question- oh well

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

OK, it is time for a little fun. So......

Once upon a time there was beautiful brown house. Oh, it smelled so very luscious. It was decorated with chocolate drops, licorice stix, candy stix, colorful sprinkles, gum stix, Skittles, M&M's, gum drops, pretzels, gummy bears, and other gummy things, and a lot more chocolate!

It looked like you would have the best time ever eating it. Yes, it was a Gingerbread House. The village where this delectable house was built did not have a candy store. The Gingerbread house was the villages candy store and for many years the villagers would go and have their tastes and enjoy of the Giving Gingerbread House.

But one year a new resident came to live in the village. It was a little old woman, who was so cranky and selfish. Soon the other villages found out that this woman was a candy witch. She could not survive without a continuous supply of candy. They found out that the last village she lived in had had a candy house, and because the old witch was greedy and keep the candy just for herself, the candy house finally gave up giving and melted away forever. That is why the Witch had moved.

As soon as the Witch had moved into the village, she went to the Gingerbread house and came away laughing and as happy as an old cranky witch could be. The villagers did not know what had made her so happy, but they soon found out.

One day the Mayor of the Village went to get some treats from the Gingerbread house. When the mayor tried to touch the house, a thousand bats came flying at him and drove him away. The mayor found out that the house was bewitched. The old witch had put a spell on the house to keep the sweets all to herself. Several other villagers also tried to get to the house and all were driven away.

A little child was dressed in a red and white striped dress and she was the first person to be able to approach the house and get treats without the bats attacking. The villages realized that the only way a visiting human could take tastes of the house was to wear a disguise. Soon there were costumes of all sorts of fun candies. Every time a villager in a costume went to the house, they were able to get their treats. If someone tried to get a treat without a costume, the same bats would chase them away.

The Giving Gingerbread house was sad that the villagers had to be in costume to get their treats, but the house was also glad that the villagers had found a way to still come and visit. The house continued to make itself tasty and delicious for the villagers.

One day the wicked old witch found out what was going on. Then she told the villagers that she was going to put a spell on all of them to keep them from eating 'her' gingerbread house.

One of the villagers, ran away before any spell could be caught. That villager had run to get help from a very old friend who hopefully would know what to do. When the villager explained his village's dilemma, his friend told him to go to the castle in the White Mountain Country and seek advice from the Wizard to the King.

The villager found the kings castle and was able to meet with the Wizard and the wizard gave him a spell breaker and a notice for the cranky old wicked witch. The villager thanked the wizard with all his heart and then he left to return to his village.

When the villager arrived home, he found all his neighbors asleep. They were sleeping in the streets, on the sidewalks, in the school, in the stores, they were asleep everywhere. He quickly used the spell breaker to awaken the other villagers. Then he used the spell breaker on the Giving Gingerbread house. Finally he took the notice to the Cranky old wicked Witch.

She was not happy, she was exceptionally cranky as she had seen what this man had done. She took the notice and read it. It said, "quit being cranky! Quit being selfish!" Then the paper said- "if you are nice, you can stay and share the Giving Gingerbread House with everyone here. But if you want to continue to be selfish you must now disappear into the forest and never come back."

The old witch got very angry and decided to leave rather than share with the villagers. She tried to put a spell on the one man who went for help, but the spell breaker he still was carrying stopped it. So the Witch went home got her stuff and headed into the woods. Once she entered into the woods, she would never be able to return to their village.

The villagers were free to go to the Giving Gingerbread house without having to be in disguise. They were free of the selfish witch. They all promised that they would always share their candy house with all those within their village and by making that promise they knew that the giving Gingerbread house would always give.


Oh, what a story! Sometimes it is hard to keep writing when you know it is coming out so lame. However, I decided that practice will only make me better. And so this is a practice piece and I am not even going to work on it. I may not even read it to see if it is missing anything or for grammar, etc.

Well I am off for some bean soup. Bye!

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