Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Analysis and Action

I wanted to post this on my blog. I made a comment about an article that Orrin wrote and he commented back. He is a great leader. I will keep his words of wisdom here so that I may refer to them often.

Re: Chris Brady - When All is Said & Done
Comment by Shari Davis on Wed 14 Nov 2007 01:46 AM EST
Orrin, You mean so much to me and my family. We were adopted in from John Sims' group and we thank you and Chris for letting us come. We love having the System in our lives and appreciate your willingness to teach us and expose us to what you have learned. You are a great Leader and we are working on being great Leaders too. I appreciate this article, because I know that many times I do wait for too much information before I make a choice. I just want to be sure I make the right decision, however, life tends to pass me by when I wait too long. Regardless of how much I analyse, I am never really sure the choice is right, until I get 'doing'. So now when my heart says get started, I will get started. I have learned enough from the System to know that I need knowledge and action, so I trust that the choices I make will most of the time be correct. I will make mistakes, but that is a good thing because I will learn from them. Thanks for the System and Leadership thinking. The System has changed my Life! Thanks again, Shari
Re: Re: Chris Brady - When All is Said & Done
by Orrin Woodward on Wed 14 Nov 2007 06:36 AM EST Shari, Great thoughts and thanks for the proof reading! I really appreciate that and appreciate your willingness to grow and change. Keep exercising your decision making ability. It will develop just like muscles develop through exercise. On our way to 1 million leaders. thanks, Orrin

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