Friday, January 4, 2008

I Ate a Ginger Wreath!

I am so glad I went to my Mom's yesterday. I was able to eat a gingerbread wreath from my Mom's tree!! It was old and hard, but oh so ever delicious. It was not the one that is in the photo as one of my nephew's ate that one! I was almost heartbroken that he ate that one, but I got over it mighty quick.

It was a busy day yesterday. My oldest nephew got married today. So yesterday I was at my Mom's trying to help out. Then we went to a luncheon Bridal shower that was really wonderful and we got to meet some more relatives and friends of New Niece #1. Then I stopped back at my Mom's and then went home about 4:30ish.

The Wedding today was so special. It was held in The Manti Temple. We had a two hour drive to and from, but it was so worth it. That is a beautiful Temple. The new couple looked so happy and beautiful. I was teary with happiness. I am so grateful that Hubby and I were able to attend their Wedding Ceremony. I am so happy for Nephew #1-(Mr. Ireland) and his beautiful new Bride(Mrs. Ireland).

My Brother and his Wife, their children and some special friends put together a wonderful Wedding luncheon in Manti in one of the Church Buildings there. Their special friends made arrangements for the Church. It was so wonderful. The food was wonderful, the company was wonderful and the occasion was sooooooooooooo wonderful!!! (I suppose you can not tell that it was wonderful, right?!!)

The weather held out beautifully for the photos at the Temple and for the driving to and from as well. We so far have been blessed with the safety of the family members and friends who have traveled from distance states and cities to be here to celebrate with the newlyweds. My kids are excited to go to the Reception in an hour and hug the newlywed couple.

We only have 16 more Nieces and Nephews to go! I heard a little chirp in the grapevine and I am looking to the future for some more activity in this area. Will keep you posted.

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