Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photos 2007

My Mom's tree is really pretty. You can't see it's beauty in this photo, however, I will always be able to see it in my memory.

This is a happy Gingerbread Man. I sure would like to taste him.
This GingerSnowman is cute too. I love my Mom's Gingerbread cookies. They really do taste good after hanging up for a long time. She is so talented and between her and my Dad I am so very blessed! They are a wonderful team and do almost everything together. They are fortunate to have the time and abilities to spend most of their time together.

I look forward to the day that I may follow in their footsteps. Being with the man I love and married full time, would be so wonderful! I married him because I want to be with him, and this sending him off to work all the time and not having him around to be a team all the time is for the birds.

Our business will be our path out of the rat race that our society has told us is the right thing to do- Get a job and be gone from your family for many many hours a day, a week, a month and throughout the years. Just so that you can buy things you don't need and never have the time to use. Ramble on and on and on........

This is my favorite! I love the bow on the wreath and the holly berries. I do want to eat this one. However, I doubt I will get one. I'm never around when they come down and being older maybe I have outgrown eating old cookies. My Mom says she know that I am one of the cookies snitchers from the 60's and 70's.

One of the 6 snitchers, apparently our gingerbread men would loose an arm here and a leg there. Funny how I won't admit to it still, but I am sure it was one of my 5 siblings who amputated those gingerbread men's appendages. I would never do anything like that, I would have eaten the whole cookie!

What a cute Christmas Tree. Now if all these cookies had mini m&m's adorning them instead of the red hots, I think my Mom would have lost all of them to snitchers already.

Mom said that the icing got hard for her to do. So small in detail and her hand got very tired. I suggested that she have a party next year with any of the grandkids who would like to decorate and maybe even help with the cutting out. This would be fun.

The only challange is that she only has 17 grandkids and one more joining us this Friday. My oldest nephew is getting married this Friday to a wonderful young lady. I am thrilled for them. So with this amount of grandkids, it would be quite a fun time in her small kitchen. However, we could work out shifts and have a small group come at different times. Or they could come to my house, my kitchen is better set up for a group of bakers. But we would still have to do some shifts.

Or maybe build a house with a kitchen for large family baking and large family crafting and scrapbooking and laughing and reminiscing, etc. A family retreat built just for us! Dream board, I have a new idea for you.... (stop the rambling, now back to this post...)

Pilot Boy walked outside and said he was just walking around. I went out and saw this pretty almost perfect heart. I asked him if he knew he made a heart, and he ran out to see it. He had no idea that he had made this heart. Cool. I really thought that he had made me a heart, but I am happy for the accidental heart he made. He did give it to me.

Here is a better or straight on view of my sons rambling feet. I love you too.

Well off again. Have a great day.


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