Monday, December 24, 2007

How was Your Christmas Eve?

You know that times are changed when you volunteer to do a project and find you don't have the 'old' technology in your home to do it. I am in manner trying to tell you that I am a techno junkie, however, I have apparently have joined the technology age enough to have given up some of old machines and do-dads.

I went to my Mom's...

OK, here is the way my afternoon went. I went to my Mom's to do a couple of things for her and for myself. I needed a copy of some files off her computer. I did not take my travel drive, so I copied the files to a disc. I tested it there and all was great.

I then told her that I thought I had a typed copy of a story my Dad told us kids from back in Christmas 1974, that I had taken from a cassette I had made back then. I couldn't find the story. I typed it back in 1980 or so and it has never been put on the computer. So I borrowed back a cassette I gave my Mom a month or so ago that I found of another of my Dad's stories, from 1977.

Then when I left her house, I didn't know it, but I forgot to get the Cardamon I was going to borrow, so I could make Julekake.

I returned home...

I got home and went to make the Julekake and realized I had forgotten the Cardamom.

So I decided to go to task number two. I went to work on the family recipes. I put the disc I copied from my Mom's computer into my computer and my laptop won't read the disc. It appears the disc is empty. I used to use discs all the time, and either I have forgotten how to copy or maybe the disc writers are not compatible. Maybe, even though I tested it, maybe I still messed up on the saving of the files. Weird.

So, I decide to go to task number 3. I decided to get the last cassette I just found of stories from my Dad transposed to the computer. I am holding the cassette, the kids and I listened to it on the way back from my Mom's.

It is a treasure and in a few years it will be priceless. I am grateful that I can still hear my Dad's voice and someday, when he passes on, I will still be able to listen to him. I hope to get more of these treasures made. So anyway, I am holding the cassette and realize that I do not have a cassette player in my house! I have always had one since the 70's and it is unbelievable that I do not have have a player here.

So I will not be transposing the tape tonight. I could go sit in the car, which really would be fine- no interruptions, peaceful and quiet. However, we are in the middle of a severe winter storm, with blizzard like conditions and I have no desire to be freezing out there in the driveway today.

So with 3 tasks stalled in their tracks, I did the only thing I could do- - - - I went upstairs and took a nap!! heeee heeee : ) I needed one, I had been running around town with all the last minute crazies doing a little finishing touches for myself, getting stuff my Mom needed and letting my kids get some last minute stuff. It was fun, but I was truly exhausted.

So since Hubby is not working tonight, I took a nap so that I can stay up with him for as long as I can. He has a hard time sleeping at night now, so usually he sleeps during the days and works or stays up at night. Doesn't work for me, but it does work for him. So we compromise, I sometimes nap and stay up with him and sometimes I don't. He tries to sleep some nights, but it is usually just a nap here and there. Enough.

I am awake now and I have a lot to do to be ready for tomorrow. But I am sure that everything will work out fine. It always does. The snow is really coming down. We had a wonderful very close lightning. I saw the flash while my eyes were closed and then heard the thunder right after. It was sooooo cool! Then the snow was flying.

We probably have 6 inches and has been snowing for about 3 hours. And it is still coming fast. Love it!!! Pilot went out to shovel and found it was useless as the snow was coming so heavy. I tried to tell him to wait, but he gets so anxious. He will learn as he gets older.

Well I am going to go. We just let the kids open their Christmas Eve present and so we are all going to sit and watch Pirates 3, with popcorn and the works. This is the first time we have done a movie, it is usually pj's. We decided to go a different way this year as the kids are getting older. So ha det for now.

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