Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ideas From Fellow Bloggers - Thanks Guys


Many thanks for all your great ideas that I got from December 19th Works for Me Wednesday. I am going to take those I want to work with and put them into this posting to help me remember the things I want to work on. Love to you all and I will try to get thank you emails off to you soon.

Calender Make Overs

Last year I had my parents gather up some calenders for me and then I was going to put family pictures and artwork from the kids in them, photo scrapbook calenders. I never got to it. I have yet to do it this year, however I am thinking that if I put a reminder here, I will get going. I might even do a calender that starts in July and goes 18 months to the following December of 2009. Then maybe I will be better prepared to make a new one in 2009 for 2010.

I am really sorry that I do not remember who presented the next few ideas. I didn't get my brainstorm to link back to the giver's blog until after I began to gather ideas. My deepest thanks to you who are not named. If you recognize any of these ideas as your own, let me know and i will add a link to your blog. Again, my sincere apologies.

Christmas Tag Notes of Love and Respect

On Christmas tags - write a niceness note that must be read before the present is opened. I think if we think in terms of Love notes for the gals and Respect notes for the guys. (I have just finished reading Love & Respect again. And I am trying to keep the things I have learned in the front of my brain.)

Assigning Alias's to Christmas Tags

KME over at Duckabush Blog had this great idea for keeping the To and From on their wrapped presents secret until Christmas Day. She assigned a character name to each family member. Such as- To: Prancer Love: The High King Peter or To: Donner From: Ariel. Check out her specifics at Duckabush. Then come back here for more.


"The idea is simple. Everyone comes over with their own Christmas project in hand. It might be presents to be wrapped, or Christmas cards to write, or a Christmas craft/gift, or just envelopes to be addressed. I serve cookies and tea (although I forgot the tea this time - oops!) and everyone works on their particular project in good company with good conversation." Check out the rest of her blog: Laundry & Lullabies

Crochet Star Ornament

I have crocheting talent, however I have not done anything for several years. I love to crochet, but I have been busy with other things. So I want to make some of these this year. Go to Amy's site By Hook or By Cook for more information.

Making Christmas Last All Week

I like this idea of spreading out the Holidays. Who says all the presents have to be opened in one day or one sitting? I want to find a better way to manage gifts and spend more time serving others and remembering what Christmas is really all about. I also want to savor the season. I can see giving my children gifts that could be used to make other gifts and serve others at the same time. I hope to get back here and clear up my ramblings. But for now I am glad I have the seed of a great idea that should be able to be nurtured and grown for my family. Thanks Mego. Go read this idea in full at A Day with the Demos.

Three Gifts for Christmas

I Love the 3 gifts ideas that I have heard lately. Check out De's Blog at The Fruit House as she explains how their family benefits from this tradition. Thanks De.

Well there are more Ideas to Come so check back. Thanks again to everyone. I hope you get lots of traffic via this posting.

Best to you all.


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  1. Thank you for visiting, and thank you for the link! I'm glad you liked the idea. :)

  2. Glad you liked the suggestions. You found some lovely ones here that I hope to incorporate next year!
    One thing my parents always did with me (only child, big family) was emphasize the 12 days of Christmas; just as we didn't put Christ in the manger until Christmas morning, we had the kings start across the room and move a little closer each day. And each day until Epiphany, there was something to open. Gifts from relatives far away, or gifts from relatives we didn't see on Christmas itself, or other little items. We started on Christmas Eve, with presents from my Dad's family, because that was their tradition, but I always loved it when I was a kid, because the fun lasted longer. As a grownup, I appreciate the idea that Christmas is a season. Anyway, I'm rambling, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your "abridged" version of the WFMW ideas--they are all good ones! Merry new year to you!

  3. Glad you liked the stars. I had a lot of fun creating them--I hope you have as much fun with yours!