Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ideas from Fellow Bloggers -2-

Christmas Folder or Notebook

This idea from Sorta Frugal is something that most of us have heard many times. I use a notebook every year. However, it is the notebook I am currently using in my everyday life. So it doesn't have the previous years information nor is it very organized, it is just notes jotted here and there. So a Folder would be good for me. Check out Katherine's idea at Sorta Frugal for the full scoop.

Talking Time Out for Use in the Car

Desiree over at her Blog Clappy Shoes has great advice for driving with kids by using a talking time out. I will be incorporating this into my car travels. See her Blog for more information.

A Solution for Itchy Skin

As I was reading at Flexible Dreams, Amy points out how she gets rid of her winter itchies. I hope this will help me too.

10 Ways to Reuse Wrapping Paper

Need some ideas to recycle wrapping paper? Check with Tickled Pink for some great ideas.

Gluten Free Cookies

One of my Cub Scouts is allergic to wheat. So I am hoping that this recipe will be one that I can use to have a treat other than veggies and fruit at our meetings. So if you need Gluten free cookies check out 3 recipes over at In The Life Of A Child BlogSpot.

Simple Tradition - Ornaments

Daddy on the Road, Mommy on the Run have some great ideas about Ornament collections as a simple tradition they enjoy. Many of us have the same tradition, I really liked how they presented their method.

Shiney Hard Cookie Icing

I want to try Amy's cookie icing. So I will be heading to her blog at Too Many Recipes to try it out.

Stocking Stuffer List

If you need ideas for stocking stuffers. Check out MemeGRL's Blog. Her friend Heather made this list for her and I for one will be benefiting from it. Thanks Heather and thanks MemeGRL!

This is all I have for now. Thanks to one and all for your great ideas. I hope everyone has been able to find some fun things here that they can use. May you all be blessed for your kindness in sharing your traditions and ideas with me and those who frequent my Blog.


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