Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WFMW - Wrapping Paper Control

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Wrapping Paper Control

Now that the season of covering presents with pretty paper is overtaking my home, I am finding that the rolls of wrapping paper don't want to stay rolled up.

Since I do not have a bunch of rubber bands hanging around my house, I have to be a bit resourceful. So putting my thinking cap on, I was drawn to my standard old standby solution - Old Socks!!

So, I grabbed a couple of socks and cut inch wide rings from the ribbed tops and slipped them over the tubes of paper. It stopped the problem of cluttered paper and now I have several neat rolls of wrapping paper. I am sure they feel much better because they are not getting wrinkled and their edges are not getting all battered up.

I have a drawer in my kitchen that holds old socks and rags. However, the socks are beginning to overrun the drawer. That is OK, because I use them for many things.

  • I use the Stretchy Cuffs- to hold up my extra long shirt sleeve shirts. (You can hide the sock portion.)

  • I used to use them on baby sleepers around their ankles so the sleeper stayed on their feet and not slip off while they were crawling.

  • I use the whole sock, to cover water bottles (or soda cans) to keep the moisture from getting anything wet.

  • I use the socks as rags in the kitchen and bathrooms, they can be washed or thrown away if the job was yucky.

  • I use them to store cords in, such as for my computer, extension cords, my hand mixer's cord, etc.

  • I use them as bags.

  • I use them for making soft snowballs- for my Cub Scouts snowball fights.

  • You can stuff your Christmas ornaments in socks to help keep them cushioned.

  • I have put them on the door nob to keep from marking the wall, until I could get a door stopper.

  • I use them in camping for lots of things.

The uses are endless. I just don't know what I will do to restock my sock drawer, once my two kids are not outgrowing their socks all the time. (I use both outgrown socks and the lonely sock who has lost it's mate for longer than 1 month.)

Anyway, this Works for Me. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. What great ideas! I especially like the idea about using socks to store cords!