Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Creative Wrapping by Santa

Santa was pretty funny at our house this year. He wrapped two very small presents and labeled them Mom & Dad. Then as we opened them, we came to a second wrapping of a different paper that said Pilot and Angel. So we handed the presents off to them and they opened the gifts to find their 'big' presents. They got i-pods this year.

The kids were pretty disappointed until that point as we were a little lean this year and all they opened were dollar store gifts, shampoo, things they knew we already had like the Cabella's 'Swiss army knife' look alike and hair pretty's that had not yet been used.

They know that the business is in a stall right now, but that does not make it any easier when it comes to Christmas presents. We have never spent a lot on them. By a lot, I have heard of people spending a thousand on each child. I think a hundred is more than enough. But this year we did go about one fifty because we chose to go with a particular i-pod. But they didn't get any new clothes, socks or small gifts, other than those they gave each other.

This did not hurt them. They were appreciative and we received many hugs and kisses and thank yous and I don't believe its. It was fun for Hubby and I.

For the very most part, the day was perfect. I was proud to be their Mom. I was grateful for them for acting in loving and helpful ways. It was a day we all dream about, where the sister can be next to the brother without killing each other! (... and the lamb shall lie down with the lion...)

It was also a busy day as the day progresses. We had to rush at the end to spend as much time together as we could because Dad had to leave for work at 4pm. It was either be gone from the house for work on Christmas Eve from 4pm until 6am on Christmas morning or stay home Christmas Eve and go to work Christmas day at 4pm and come home on the 26th at 6am. For me, there is no choice but to have him here on Christmas Eve and go to work on Christmas Day. It is the better of two bad work scheduling opportunities.

Some year soon, we will have him home with us on both days because the business will take care of that. It will be a time of much thanks and opportunity to help others. We can not wait for that time to come. The beginning will be coming in February or March--- hurray! We can not wait.

Time to head out for now. Ha det godt!

('Ha det godt' or 'have a good day'- in Norwegian. I'm not sure why, but ending this way is just flowing naturally from my fingers. I used to end this way all the time. I speak Norwegian and even lived in Norway for 16 months on a church mission. My family heritage on my Dad's Mom's side is from Norway. So I guess the Norwegian is trying to burst out of me for now. So, ha det godt. Have it good. )


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