Thursday, December 6, 2007

I am Thankful for My Big Sister

This week I want to tell my Big Sister how much I love her.

I am lucky to have had 2 wonderful sisters as I grew up. One 1 1/2 years older and the other 5 years younger. I am now bless with 5 sisters all together. It is truly something to be thankful for. They are all wonderful talented people. They mean a lot to me and to my brothers, brother-in-laws and my parents.

Today I am thankful for my older sister because she is such a great example to me. She has just accepted a great challenge that she is meeting with a positive attitude. OK, I guess she did not really accept this challenge, it was sort of slipped to her by accident.

She had a run in with a 'slippery character' named Mr. Frozen Water. Mr. Frozen Water used to be unassuming water, but got an attitude and froze up! My Sis accidentally stepped in Mr. Frozen Water's path and he sent her sprawling! Not a very nice thing to do.

So, needless to say her plans changed last Saturday and she went to the ER and they discovered that she needed to have surgery to repair some torn tendons as well as fix the break in her arm bone.

Monday she went in for Surgery, and came out with her tendon and bone pinned together to enable the healing process to begin and do it's thing. She is in good spirits.

Yes- it is her right arm and she is right handed. What fun would she have if she had broken her left arm? She is up to the challanges this will give her. I expect lots of discoveries with using her left hand and arm to do her normal right handed things. Should be for some good stories.

She is a great adapter and I am sure this will enable her to learn some very valuable things about herself and life. I just want her to know that I love her and I am thankful that she is my sister. I am thankful that she is such a great example to me and my family.

She lives in Washington State and I live in Utah- that is a long ways off. At times like this, even though I know she can still take care of herself, I would love to be there to surprise her with dinner or hang out scrapbooking, recipe hunting, writing stories from our childhood, there are so many things we could do if we were together.

I do have to say, that she is blessed with a wonderful husband. He will make sure that all is well with her and he will take care of her too. It is just, as her sister, I would like to be there for her.

  • I am thankful for family.

  • I am thankful for sisters.

  • I am thankful for brother-in-laws.

  • I am thankful for modern medicine.

  • I am thankful for My Heavenly Father.

  • I am thankful for prayer.

  • I am thankful for my life.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I loved reading this post and the love between you and your sisters. What a blessing God has given you! Happy TT!

  2. This was really sweet, I am praying for your sister.

  3. Great list! Sisters are such a blessing!
    Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog!

  4. What a blessing!! I have two sisters that are so precious to me...I can totally relate! I will pray for your sister...for healing and restoration.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Oh my goodness I am so sorry she fell. Sisters are such a blessing, wish I knew that growing up. My sister and I fought the whole time, until we were older. Now we are really close.

  6. Your sister sounds like a special person. I hope she reads your special tribute to her.

    My godness you have a lot of sisters, I have one. It's hard for me to imagine the dynamics of many sisters.

  7. oh...that was nice...i don't have a sister...just one him but sometimes he is just too much of a smarty pants