Monday, March 9, 2009

Home S/B a Safe Haven

Homes Should Be A Safe Haven

This was the theme of our church meeting on Sunday.  The speakers focused on the family and what we can do to strengthen our families in our own homes.  It is a common subject that is very powerful and very even extremely important to all of us.

We need to make our homes a place where our children feel safe.  Where they can come and feel of God's love and spirit.  Our homes will never be perfect, they will be places where chaos will be found both in noise and mess. But we need to strive to keep tension and anger out so that the Lord's spirit may reside with us.

Satan is very clever these days and he is trying to find cracks in the walls of our homes.  He finds his way in easily and sometimes we don't even know he is there.  He complacently begins to fit in and lull us into an 'all is well' feeling and then he quickly tries to take us over.  

Thank heavens for our friends, family, church leaders, our spiritual knowledge and especially thank heavens for our wonderful Father in Heaven and Brother Jesus Christ who are there for us and will help us get our homes back to the haven they are meant to be.  That is if we ask for their help!  We must be obedient to their teachings and pray always to guide us to the correct manner to run our homes and keep our families safe.

Our male speaker was so interesting.  He was eloquent in his delivery and I loved everything he said.  He also threw in some laughing moments for us and I have to say, he was sooo funny, he really struck a chord with me and Hubby.  

One thing he was saying was with 3 little boys at home, it was very hard for his wife to keep things always in order.  Then he mentioned the 3 things he heard most in his home,  "no, don't and I'm pregnant!"  We all laughed.  I did feel sorry for his wife, three children is not that many.  But it was good for a laugh.  We all know the 'no and don't' because even with my 2 children, at ages 11 and 13, I hear 'no and don't' more than anything!

His wife had her own funny.  She was telling us a bit about their family and mentioned how she and her husband met.  'We met in a parking lot,' she stated, 'how romantic is that?'  And then she was off on the content of her talk.  She did get a big laugh out of that one.

I still really enjoy hearing from our neighbors, it helps us get to know them faster as well.  


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